Zoning Systems: Huge Savings Potential


One significant issue that many homeowners experience in their households, is that they have some rooms or spots in which the temperatures fluctuate out of control. Either the rooms are too hot, or too cold, and it never seems like you will get your living space at a comfy temperature without cranking up the heater or air conditioning unit. If you own a home such as this, or are looking for other strategies to save energy, you’ll need a zoning system.

Zoning systems are devices that regulate the level of temperature in certain sections of your house. They operate extremely well at presenting sufficient levels of comfort in your household and can help you save a ton of money on your power bills at the same time.

A zoned air conditioning system allows you to separate your house into several zones, and these areas can be controlled using a programmable thermostat. The thermostat presents you with the ability to program each area, or section of your house, to a temperature level of your liking. In essence, a zoning system manages your HVAC system (whether it is your air conditioning unit, or your heater) by controlling dampers inside your ductwork. These dampers will close and open so that you can send the proper level of tempered air to the preferred sector in your house.

With full control over the temperatures of each section of your home, you will quit sending conditioned air to parts of your household that seldom get used. That air may then be redirected the rooms or specific zones which you typically use. By using your zoning system effectively, you will save yourself a ton of electric power and, as a result, reduce the amount that you’re forking over on your monthly utility bills considerably. In some instances, homeowners that have installed zoning systems for energy savings have reduced the cost of their electric bills by as much as thirty percent.

Although a zoning system is not going to influence how proficiently your HVAC system will perform, it’ll improve upon the overall efficiency of the entire system by presenting you with a way to have more control over where you can route the hot and cold air it generates. It is actually entirely possible that, by making use of a zoning system, you’ll be able to make use of an air conditioner/furnace that’s designed for a smaller house, and still acquire excellent comfort levels. Considering smaller systems cost less, and are less difficult to install and maintain, you’ll be able to save yourself even more money by adding a zoning system to your house.

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