Youth 4 Wheelers


Getting a four-wheeler for your teenager takes more than just putting out the chunk of cash it takes to purchase it.

When you put a huge bow on that ATV to have it under the Christmas tree or to give to him or her for a birthday gift, there is a lot of forecasting you must do for this moment plus plentiful of parenting work to be done prior to cutting that youngster loose with such a powerful machine.

Many of the biggest names in four-wheeler manufacturing create models of ATVs that are targeted at the youth market. A four-wheeler that is designed for a teenager is not the same as the one you have parked in the garage that you use for your work or recreational needs.

For one thing, a youth ATV must be built at a power level that may be handled by a youngster. You do not wish to put the same level of power in the hands of a young person that you can handle as an adult.

Not only is that a recipe for the machine getting away from the young person, that much power can give a teenager an illusion that they can do more than they should take on.

Also, be aware of the suitability of the four-wheeler to your youngster’s size. To operate an ATV, the youth should be able to without problems manage the steering and other controls and to access the readings that they need to drive their ATV responsibly.

This may call for acquiring some measurements prior to giving the vehicle to your youth. But it is good to get them in on the surprise than to get them an ATV that is not comfortable for him or her. This is both an ease of use issue and a safety issue.

Safety is the number one issue any parent will have with giving a powerful machine like a four-wheeler to their young person.

Naturally, along with the ATV, you will give to your youth the proper headgear and other safety tool they must have to operate the ATV correctly.

But gear is not all there is to safety. The teenager must be aware that when they take control of that powerful four-wheeler, the fun of the freedom and speed of the ATV is similarly a great danger to him or her.

So it is a good idea to enroll your teen in some safety lessons in how to correctly operate the vehicle.

A few weeks of well-taught safety lessons can make the difference between having good, safe fun with that ATV and an accident, which could ruin the four-wheeler and perhaps cause injury to your child.

Any investment in the ATV and in training for your youth is worth that kind of nightmare.



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