Your Home Theater Can Come To Life With The Yamaha YAS-101BL Front Surround System


Improve Your Home Theater With The Yamaha YAS-101BL Front Surround System

If you’d like to take your video enjoyment to a higher level, you may want to consider the Yamaha YAS-101. It is a home entertainment Soundbar system that is simple to install with a trendy design. The powerful single speaker system equipped with built-in subwoofer gives you a tremendously rich surround sound.

It’s a powerful system that’s supposed to be appreciated visually, because the sound bar has been fashioned focusing on style and ease-of-use. The shiny and beautiful design gives the impression of terrific audio quality from Yamaha. It comes with a sleek black surface giving it a particular level of class that enhances an already amazing home theater. You will have exceptional surround sound as a result of how the system was created. The great design of the YAS-101 allows for a small size to pack speakers and a subwoofer.

The Soundbar is equipped with a digital amp that pushes about 120W and has 2 1/2 cone speakers with 3-inch cone dual drive subwoofer. Your motion picture and TV viewing experience will be enhanced dramatically with these speaker systems. By using large magnets and large-diameter voice coils, the dual-driver subwoofer generates a dynamic bass sound reproduction. Sound effects in films will sound amazingly clear and life-like. The trumpet bell-shaped duct outlet reduces wind noise which results in impressive sound clarity. The bass reflex port is long and straight therefore supplying excellent bass response.

Since the YAS-101 is only 4-1/4 inches high, you should be able to put it below or near your HDTV. It can fit easily into available space, since the speaker systems and subwoofer are built-in. The AIR SURROUND EXTREME, limited to Yamaha, gives a high-quality surround sound, that is much superior to other soundbars. You will get clear dialogue in the front, together with powerful sound at the sides and back. You can also achieve multichannel movie sound because it is compatible with DTS Digital Surround and Dolby Digital. The sound quality for sports, films, television shows and broadcasts are incredibly clear.

It is simple to switch the YAS-101 on and off using the remote control. You can also switch surround sound modes or change volume also. You could make adjustments to allow your TV remote control the soundbar. The polished black piano finish goes well with even the most recent flat TVs, which gives you a home theater that is classy and compact. The Yamaha YAS-101BL Front Surround System will fill your space with extraordinary sound.

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