Younger Children Should Learn Physics As Early As Possible


Physics is the science of the study of as well as energy and how they interact with one another. It refers to the conducting of a wide-ranging investigation of the environment as a way to be aware of the manner by which the universe behaves. Anciently, physics was considered as a part of natural philosophy together with other fields of specialization as we are aware of it today: chemistry, branches of Math, and biology. It wasn’t until sometime in the 16th century that Physics became recognized as an separate scientific and academic field in its own right.

Today, Physics is taught as early as in first grade but originally, it was not always taught in the past phases of education. Previously, it was only introduced in high school, but it was in the latter half of the whole high school curriculum. The principles changed when the great importance of teaching Physics to younger children was realized.

Our physical universe is ninety-five percent made up of “dark matter,” or stuff that we do not see. This latest meritorious theory has been discovered by Cosmologists. Cosmology is a sub-field of Physics. An overwhelming mystifying fact! The universe is full of visual wonders and has an infinite number of incredible sceneries that to be informed that its unseen portion far surpasses its visible mass is simply magnificent.

There is another remarkable discovery recently made regarding the relationship between Physics and Mathematics. Every formula of mathematics wonderfully illustrates the functions or behaviors of Physics to the letter! Mathematics has long been known to be the main tool of Physics to understand how the universe behaves. But until recently, Mathematics has been merely an abstract tool. Mathematics is easily derived from Physics, but not the other way around! To derive Physics from Mathematics, something else is required to be added in the process. This mystery still confounds scientists.

It is therefore an imperative that we incorporate Mathematics and Physics in our children’s education. Let us activate our children’s futures in the fields of science and math thru web-based references.

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