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We are easily put into trance when music with the message of joy, merry making, misery or sadness is played. It can easily be appreciated by people of all ages. What better way to enjoy the arts by a combination of words and music. Art can be greatly expressed in many forms. It depends upon the artist’s desire of medium. It can be on words, canvas, a wall, or even via sound. Today music is greatly appreciated by many.

Monologues are a usually a part of a play or a drama. It is done to address someone a character or an audience. This can be done a wide variety messages can be delivered as wide as color of the rainbow.

The monologues will be accompanied by music. The event invites everybody who loves and wants to appreciate art. It’s a good way to spend with the family and friends. A company in West Virginia called Charleston Stage Company will produce a words and music event in the state. It will be filled with variety of monologues by which they aim to be filled with different messages. Some of the materials will be contributed by the wide pool of West Virginia Writer members.

In the monologues and music you will be able to see and feel the culture of the people inhabiting the place. The older people will enjoy the event as a common way of art appreciation the fun part is some of the material are fairly new. In this way you can share a part of the writer’s feelings expressed in music and words. The children will be surely engrossed in this activity. With proper guidance it can be a way to show them or introduce them the world of art.

Who knows this may even touch the artist in your children and by which start the fire of passion in them.

Mara Hernandez-Capili is a writer and a researcher on events in Travel and Leisure. Visiting events such as craft fairs will open one’s spirit on the beauty of the world beyond home’s borders.



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