Workout Routines for Women for Weight Loss


Nowadays, the lifestyle of most people has become unhealthy and harmful to the body. With the rise of obesity and other health-related concerns, it’s no wonder that people are becoming conscious of their health.

Most people, particularly women, would employ all means in order to keep them fit and healthy. In fact, there have been several workout routines designed for women like Slim in 6 in order to help them lose weight.

Cardio Workout

If you really want to lose weight, then executing cardio exercises is your best bet. There are several ways you can do this – walk or jog, run, ride a bike, swim or even go up and down the stairs. You can even run around the village with your dog or play with your kids since this is also considered as cardio exercise. If you have access to the gym, then the treadmill and stationary bike is going to be your best friend. If you are into sports, play volleyball, tennis or anything that interests you most.

Focus on Muscle Toning

You don’t want those arms and legs to be saggy so better shape them up through muscle toning. Do some squats in three sets of 10 repetitions by Workout Routines for Women for Weight Lossconducting bicep curls, leg press, leg curls and standing calf raises. You can even use dumbbells especially when you do the biceps curls since it can also help improve on your strength.

Get that Abs

Losing that belly may be hard to achieve. However, getting that abs is still attainable. Planking is a good routine in toning your abdominal muscles. You can also try abdominal hold wherein you place your hands at the edge of a sturdy chair, tighten your abs then lift your butt of the chair and hold it for at least 5 seconds. The opposite arm and leg raise where you raise your arm to a shoulder height and your knee to hip height and hold that position for 2 seconds before switching. As much as possible, avoid abdominal crunches since it has the tendency to misalign your posture.

Enroll in Class

Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Kickboxing or any other form of aerobic exercises are popular these days. Try enrolling in any of these classes since it involves a full body workout. Or if you’re more on a tight spender, there are videos available in the Internet you can follow through which can also help you lose weight.

The important thing in losing weight is to make time for it. Women should find time to fit exercise into their schedule in order to lose those extra pounds that can make them feel fit, healthy and less flabby.

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Felix Ankersen is a health & fitness enthusiast. He writes on topics such as  fat burning workouts and exercise routines. Through he strives to help everyone achieve their fitness and weight loss goals and provide access to the information and education they need to do to so.



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