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Having a Wolfgang Puck panini maker at home is just like having your own chef at home because you may create hot panini or hamburger or eggs within few minutes. Anyone who loves grilled dishes would love to have this at their home for their great utilize and so this has become very known among the American homes.

What has created Wolfgang Puck panini maker so great is its versatility of usage besides its aptitude to cook different kind of dishes in just one panini maker. You can make employ of it to cook your dish all round the year irrespective of hot or cold season. The Wolfgang Puck panini maker is a three in one machine that 3 options, flat option, fixed alternative in addition floating alternative.

The flat option of Wolfgang Puck panini maker is very useful to fry eggs and bacon. You merely have to preheat it in addition wipe it with oily sponge besides start cooking. The float alternative is merely huge to cook bulkier foods such as hamburgers.

In Wolfgang Puck panini maker, both the top plate furthermore bottom plate gets heated. therefore cooking time is hugely reduced that you may cook within few minutes after it gets heated. In its fixed position you may cook paninis and get that dark grid lines on them.

You have so numerous facilities in Wolfgang Puck panini maker. You have a handy timer in addition so you can preset the time required plus go to uphold other operates.

This timer will switch off your Wolfgang Puck panini maker and so you can save your sandwiches from getting through burnt out of carelessness. similarly you can refashion your heat to cook diverse dishes. The light will glow to indicate that it is ready to be cooked.

The Wolfgang Puck panini maker consists of non stick plates that could be without problems removed what’s more cleaned. The ribs on the grill plates produce the grease drip off simply from the food items.

You have a drip drawer that is removable. Just wiping the grills will produce all the remnants get into the drawer. So you can clean your Wolfgang Puck panini maker effortlessly by removing the drawing plus cleaning it with soap water.

You get a free recipe book with Wolfgang Puck panini maker additionally you may try novel recipe every time with your new appliance. The versatile usage of this 3 in one machine has made it a favorite of so many people.

Download Wolfgang Puck Panini Maker & Multi Purpose Grill user guide and manual here!



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