Who You Gonna Call? A Plumber


One of the most confusing situations when it comes to your home and your plumbing seems to be when to call a plumber if something goes wrong. You’ve likely seen countless home improvement shows on tv that explain how to do basic plumbing repairs, but you also know that professional plumbers specialize in residential plumbing services. You know that calling in a real plumber ensures the job will be done right. If you are skilled and experienced in general home repairs, you will likely be able to handle some of the plumbing mishaps yourself, but for other issues, only someone who is an expert in residential plumbing services will do.

One issue where the average homeowner should call a plumber skilled in residential plumbing services is when you have low water pressure throughout the entire house. Low water pressure may be due to debris or rust anywhere along the water lines, low pressure from your well or the municipal supply, or even a less than stellar design in the supply line. A skilled plumber can come in and identify where the problem originates so it can be addressed quickly and efficiently, without causing any damage to your home. Another situation where calling a plumber is a wise decision, is if you no longer have any hot water in the house. No hot water is obviously a problem with your hot water heater, but if the issue isn’t glaringly obvious, someone with specialized knowledge can pinpoint the problem for you. The problem could be with a heating element, circuit breakers, burners, igniters or other internal mechanism that you likely don’t have experience fixing. Most plumbers and plumbing companies will deal with water heaters as part of their list of residential plumbing services.

Anything that has to do with your sewer line backing up into your house is a good reason to call a plumber. The “I can do this” type of mentality is great, but you really have no way of knowing where the problem lies, and finding out could be one of the most unpleasant experiences of your life. Think of all the things that find their way into your sewer line, then ask yourself if someone who is an expert in residential plumbing services might be a better choice to tackle the job.

Situations where freezing temperatures have taken hold of your pipes is another time when calling a plumber makes sense. You can shut off the main water valve and open up a nearby faucet and try to thaw a frozen pipe yourself, but if the freezing is extensive or you see any cracks, it’s best not to bother.

A company offering a wide range of residential plumbing services can come in and determine how extensive the damage is and either thaw your pipes or replace any sections that have been damaged. Basically, any plumbing situation you encounter in your home that you figure is going to be too dangerous, dirty, risky or potentially expensive to perform yourself will benefit from the skill and experience of a professional.

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