Who Else Wants to Learn About The Biggest Dangers In Your Winter Bedroom?


Staying warm in the winter time is something brings out a lot of machines over the winter season. This is not really a bad things but many of these machines can be really dangerous, even more so when you use a certain type of bedding. Here are three things that you not only need to be careful when using but that are the most popular as well.

1. Heating BlanketsHeating Blankets

Even though heating blankets seem to get safer each year, more and more people use them each year as well. Even though they are safer, they are also very dangerous and can be more dangerous if you are using some luxury bedding.

It’s not uncommon for where the chord enters the blanket to become ripped through the constant bending and use. The chance for fires can become very serious when you have something like that happen to the blanket.

The best use of heating blankets is to use them while reading before bed but then turn it off before you actually fall asleep.

2. Portable HeatersPortable Heaters

Space heaters have to be the number one culprit for fires each year. It always surprises me that people are still using and prefer to use the older oil based heaters. But if you use an electric one, you still need to be very careful because they get insanely hot too.

The biggest issue will be your bed sheets catching on fire or a blanket while your sleeping. In highly suggest you never use a oil based machine. Next make sure there are two things to help.

First a timer that will automatically shut the heater offer after a certain time period. Second, a safety shut off incase it gets too hot.

3. Candles In The BedroomCandles In The Bedroom

Surprisingly this is a very safe way to go for many people. The reason is they keep you alert to the fact that you have real fire lit up. You will be a lot more likely to blow this off before sleeping because the inherent danger is a lot more.

Be careful with luxury bedding as most of the nice fabrics are very flammable as well.

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