Where Can I find Nutrition Articles


I’m a glutton for punishment so I regularly buy-out the magazine stand when I do my weekly round of food shopping. I buy each and every one of those slimming, or dieting magazines that I can find since I’m forever on the lookout for any information that I can find on these subjects. I find the true-life stories of some of these people to be positively inspiring and hope that someday I too can do the same. It was on one of my numerous forays into these magazines that I found a nutrition article that gave me a lot of insight into my eating habits.

It was really a different story that had caught my eye, but I stumbled across this nutrition article quite by accident and started reading through it quite idly. I was stunned to find that I could barely put the magazine down by the time I reached my car to load in the groceries. It wasn’t a full length book by any means, but this particular nutrition article was interesting enough that it caught and kept my attention.

Basically I found out what kind of eater I was – the boredom eater, I ate when I was bored or tired – and I found a few great ways in which I could try and control my bad eating habits. For my case since I ate when I was bored it was recommended that I keep a few nutritious snacks around the house to assuage my boredom hunger. This was easy to do since I love my fruits and all I did was stock up more on fruits and kept them handy.

The next one was slightly more difficult since I also like my chocolate fixes, but the nutrition article was adamant about this, so I had to throw out all my chocolate. And I was banned from stocking up on any more. If and when I had a chocolate craving the nutrition article said that it would be easier and more of a deterrent if I had to go out and buy it. The same applied to ice cream but I wasn’t too fussed about that one anyway.

Next the nutrition article went on to tell me about the various foods that I should include in my everyday diet, and which ones I should stay away from. It explained the food guide pyramid in great detail and gave me a great insight into how I could manage my meals. I also found that I was eating most of the “right” foods but that I was eating them in the wrong quantities, more of meats and fats over cereals, grains and fruits.

The nutrition article that I came across that day was to me heaven-sent and helped me put my life back on track. I now eat healthier snacks of fruit, and sometimes carrots. I also indulge myself in the finer things in life by eating all the good-for-me food that I want.



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