What Not to Eat to Lose Weight


Did you know that if you replace your favorite 20oz soda with water daily, you may be able to lose up to 35lbs in a year?  Many of you never realize that somehow, there are cravings that may ruin your health and even your weight. Moreover, it does not follow that whenever you see in the label, “all-natural “or “healthy “ can be eaten without control.

Sadly, even your favorite potato chips cannot be able to give the right nutrition you need as it is loaded with calories, fat, sodium in addition to preservatives.  Even cereals that seem to be good, if they are full of sugar, it will also add fat to your body. Obesity researchers identified several foods that seem to be calorie-dense yet do not contain the essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins that your body needs.

Let us take a look at the following foods that are not advisable when you’re trying to lose weight:

These include yogurt having more than 10 grams of sugar (per 100 grams of yogurt) • breads that are made with refined flour • whole milk • toasted muesli • granola • and any other breakfast cereals having more than 15 grams of sugar (per 100 grams of cereals) • syrups (which include golden syrup • treacle or maple syrup)

• sugar (added to drinks • baking • cooking etc.) • sour cream • soft drinks • hotdogs • sausages • salami (and other processed meats) • regular powdered drinks • reduced cream • quiches • puddings • popcorn (with butter or oil) • pies • pastries • nuts roasted in fat or oil • salted nuts • muffins • muesli or granola bars • mayonnaise • marmalade • jam • ice cream

• hot chocolate • chocolate milk • honey • high-fat crackers • glucose • fruit rollups • fruit juices (except unsweetened blackcurrant juice or tomato juice) • fruit canned in syrup • frozen yogurt • fried potatoes or french fries • fried foods • flavored milk or milkshakes • energy drinks • doughnuts

• deli meats • cream (such as crème fraiche) • corn chips • condensed milk • coconut cream • chocolate • chips (which include vegetable chips) • candy (including lollipops) • cakes • lard • butter • biscuits • alcoholic drinks • mashed potato made with butter and cream • gourmet coffee (like brownie frapuccino) • high sugar cereals • gravy • corn syrup • chutney • pickle • re-fried beans • artificial sweeteners and other desserts.

Here you have listed main 8 types of food not to eat to lose weight.

You might wonder, almost all the foods and drinks mentioned above are difficult to give up.  Thus, you need to expect that foods and beverages that are either high in fat, carbohydrates, sodium or sugar can put more pounds on your body more than the others.  Try to do the following:

Limit Fatty Foods

Indeed, you need fats so your body can properly function. On the other hand, more calories are equated with high fat foods compared to low fat.  These foods may also lead to diseases aside from adding weight.  That is why, it is vital to limit the intake of fats otherwise, add more veggies to your diet.

Lessen Sodium Intake

You also need to track your intake of sodium as this may lead to fluid retention aside from high blood pressure.  Apparently, fluid retention may lessen your diet effort and will eventually give an added weight instead.

Check High-Calorie Drinks

Soda, energy drinks, fruit flavored beverages may add empty calories to your body.  In addition, artificial sweeteners may slow down your metabolism, so replace these beverages with low calorie alternatives and never put out water from your list. Remember, pure green tea is a lot better than bottled ones.

A successful diet may not totally restrict you from your cravings but you need to control and limit them if you want to lose weight.  Plan your meals, be mindful of your grocery list and enjoy healthy foods.



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