What Make Great Party Favors


The possibilities covered by the phrase party favors can often seem intimidating to people who are planning social get-togethers, especially at the time of year when Christmas and other celebrations are drawing near. Helping guests to enjoy the experience of coming to an event is something every potential host wants to do, and finding some kind of small token of welcome could provide the final gloss to any festive celebration.

The focus for the busiest party season of the year is already on giving presents away, so the chances are that guests may already feel inundated by useless tat that they have collected at event after event. That makes providing something unique becomes more important to creating the right impression in the people attending the event.

Alcoholic drinks can often seem like a good idea to offer up to guests as a favor at a gathering, and it can work well when everyone at the event is known to the host. Certain individuals’ sensitivities can be offended by offering certain kinds of drink and it should be avoided if the host is not too well acquainted with the guests.

Food such as chocolate can often seem like a good idea as well, but similar considerations to those surrounding alcohol also apply here. Offering certain kinds of food can be inappropriate if some guests have allergies or dietary issues which require some degree of sensitivity. A more neutral token of celebration is therefore a better choice.

Another important factor in picking out the right kind of favor is, of course, the cost. Something which is expensive adds an additional layer of risk. If it misfires or offends someone, then it can really be painful to the host. For that reason, it is also best to steer clear of anything with an ‘adult’ theme.

Instead, something which would serve well would be some kind of small balloon or toy, perhaps even a paper plate, or even a bag. This can have a design which reflects the theme of the party, or could reflect the nature of the group of people having the get-together.

Sports themed favors would be a good idea for a sports club, for example, with perhaps a junior soccer team’s holiday social having balloons designed like soccer balls. Paper plates for a different kind of social affair could be decorated with popular characters from television or film.

Party favors do not often seem like the most crucial part of planning an event. However, without sufficient thought, they can detract from the overall impression a good host should be looking to make. Getting to know as much as possible about the guests before the event is therefore a very important part of preparation for any event.

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