What is RMLV Course?


RMLV stands for Responsible Management of Licensed Venues and can be completed both in classes and online.

Who is the ‘Responsible Management of Licensed Venues’ course for?

It is a mandatory need for approved managers and licensees (if individuals) to take the ‘Responsible Management of Licensed Venues’ (RMLV) course. Training in the RMLV may additionally need to be provided for permit holders under certain situations.

The course covers how to manage a licensed premises in a reasonable manner, how to look after customers and how to ensure that neighbours and the rest of the community are not disturbed by the business.

How long does the RMLV training course last?

The RMLV training course has to be competed over a period of at least 10 hours.

Who is allowed to conduct the RMLV training?

The RMLV training course has to be delivered by trainers that have been approved by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulations (OLGR) just as is the case with the Responsible Service of Alcohol’ (RSA) course.

A list of all trainers that have been approved by OLGR is available on their website.

How is the RMLV course presented?

An approved trainer may deliver the course in one of two ways – either in person on a one on one basis or in a classroom environment over a period of two days or via a video conferencing system using video conferencing tools online. The course must be completed no later than seven days from commencement of the course.

The RMLV certificate

The RMLV licensee’ s course certificate is issued by the approved trainer. It is valid for a period of three years and must be renewed before the existing one runs out.

Approved trainers issue the RMLV licensee’s course certificate for successful participants.

What certificates are required to be an approved manager?

Licensees (or permit holders) have to make sure that all approved managers have got the following two certificates:

  •  current RMLV ‘licensee’s course certificate’ that has been provided by a trainer who has been approved and
  •  current RSA training course certificate that has again been issued by a trainer that has been approved.

The certificates are valid for a period of 3 years and the licensee is responsible for ensuring the approved managers that are at the premises working have up to date certificates.

Why is it necessary to take the RMLV course?

Apart from being a legal requirement, by taking the course and obtaining the two certificates, it will show that you have the required training for the role. The course will almost certainly increase your knowledge of the laws relating to licensing that are so important to know. You will be better prepared to be able to assess whether a customer has already had too much too drink thus enabling you to make a balanced decision as to whether they should be refused further alcoholic drinks. It will also help with building your relationship with your staff as they will see that you are well qualified for the role.

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