What can be done once bosses show prejudice against fat people?


So what can be done when companies discriminate against obese folks? Clearly an employer cannot all of a sudden fire anyone that is overweight and not employ any person because they ‘tip ‘ the scales as this would be seen as discrimination and would have a workers compensation attorney knocking at the door. But what a company owner may be able to do is to promote a good workforce initiative and there are many ways that this can be done. Here are some ideas as follows:

Help staff to be physically active

By inspiring staff to be active physically you might be well on the way to a more healthy workforce. Try putting up signs at strategic points encouraging folks to utilize the steps in contrast to taking the lift. How about encouraging staff to take short walks during work breaks and even invest in simple pedometers that people can wear to show the distance covered. Why not give a small prize to the person that has covered the most distance at the end of every week. By making it fun, it will not look like such a chore.

Lead by example

If you as an employer are not active, then it is going to be hard for your staff to do the same. Try leading by example and then your staff might follow in kind.

Eating well

Why not have a healthy food day, whereby you can encourage people to bring in sensible foods and share them around. Looking after your body starts with what you put into it so why not ban the burger and celebrate the salad!

A workers compensation attorney has to deal with many cases of workman’s comp and it’s probably true to say that most of them are far more cryptic than they have to be due to the obesity pandemic. It's also correct that unless as a country we begin to deal with it, who knows where we are going to be in 50 years time.

Dhenver Embley One’s productiveness as a worker is being affected by how their superior treats them. There are some bosses who discriminate their folk because of the issue of obesity. Read on Dhenver Embley article and find out how a Los Angeles labor attorney aid you in dealing this work issue.



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