What are the Top Reasons for Divorce


Generally there are two main reasons for divorce that can be cited in court – a divorce on fault grounds or a no fault based divorce. However, what is more interesting to research is the actual underlying reasons why a couple chooses to file for divorce.

The reasons for divorce in a fault based divorce are somewhat more tangible. As there has to be evidence produced in court to back up a fault based divorce, there can be little doubt what the underlying reason is.

However for a no fault based divorce, the reasons can vary so dramatically, it is not an underestimation that if you ask roughly one hundred divorced people the reason why they got divorced that you would receive one hundred different answers. The reason being that divorce is a highly personal matter and everyone will answer their question from their own perspective.

Going through a divorce is, without a doubt, a very emotional time for all parties concerned. Due to this, even though initially the reasons for divorce may have been due to the two parties growing apart, at the end of the process both parties may see things differently. This is particularly the case where the divorce process has been messy.

It is clear from all the statistical evidence collated, that there are usually several contributing reasons for divorce. These reasons can be as wide ranging as differences in parental styles, to substance abuse, to financial problems. In addition the background you had when you were growing up can also be a strong contributing factor. If your parents are divorced then there is a high probability – in fact thought to be twice as high – that you are likely to experience divorce for yourself.

Cohabiting before entering into a marital relationship is also thought to be a leading factor for divorce, according to the statistics. This is not least due to the fact that there is a strong pressure for cohabiting couples to marry before they are ready to. It is also believed, but not proven, that cohabiting couples subsequently entering into a marriage relationship will take the relationship less seriously and therefore make less of an effort to make it a success.

Overall, whatever the reasons for divorce are, no-one actively enjoys going through the divorce process. So the reasons must be good, even if people outside of the relationship do not fully understand what they are.



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