What Are Amish Heaters?


There has been a considerable amount of buzz regarding Amish heaters, but what exactly are they and what is all the publicity about? Are they genuinely manufactured by the Amish? Since Amish do not use electricity, why would they produce an electric heating unit? Do they in fact mean more affordable heating bills?

The Amish heater rage started with a volume of promotions declaring that an Amish man had developed a “miracle heater” that can help home heating bills “hit rock bottom”. The ad certainly caught many buyers’ interest through the “miraculous” claims and the photos exhibiting supposed Amish craftsmen constructing the heaters. Whether or not the individuals represented in these advertisements were really Amish craftsmen is really a root of controversy, considering that the Amish tend not to like to have their pictures taken. These ads led to many sales, but the products also have resulted in as much bad media and allegations of scams. For certain, the ads make the heating units look like a really eye-catching product, yet are they truly what the manufacturer states they are?

The Reality Behind Amish Heaters

Amish heaters are, in fact, electric heating units made by a company called Heat Surge out of Ohio. The heaters implement the patented “Fireless Flame” technology giving the appearance of flickering flames but without real fire and the common disadvantages connected with fireplaces – odors, ashes, mess, and fumes. The heater itself is produced in China and is 1500 Watts with two heat options. The manufacturer claims that the basic setting will warm a 12′ x 13′ area and the high setting will heat an 18′ x 18′ area.

The cabinet that the heating unit is inserted into is allegedly a genuine solid wood mantle created by the Amish individuals in Ohio near where the producer is located. A lot of people have conveyed concerns regarding whether or not the cabinets are truly Amish-made, yet many also state that the Amish who live in the area are, undoubtedly, handcrafting the mantles. Merchandise reviews confirm that customers have mixed sentiments regarding the quality of the wooden mantles. Some state they are skillfully hand-crafted, like the Amish are highly regarded for, and many others declare that they appear to be quickly and poorly constructed.

The cabinet that the heating unit is put in is allegedly a genuine wooden mantle created by the Amish people in Ohio where the producer is based. Many individuals have expressed uncertainties on the subject of whether or not the cabinets are really Amish-created, yet many also assert the Amish who reside in the region are, indeed, handcrafting the mantles. Many say that they are expertly hand-crafted (which is what the Amish are highly regarded for) and other people declare that they appear to be simply and poorly assembled. Product opinions suggest that buyers have mixed thoughts concerning the quality of the wooden mantles.

Regardless of some negative media, the Amish heaters are, indeed, very beautiful. The blend of the flames and the workmanship of the wood mantle would likely be an attractive component to just about any house, but they are available at a rather significant price and cynical customers state that the same level of heat can be generated from an inexpensive space heater. In the end, it comes down to what people are willing to pay for. If one just requires a simple electric heater, an economical space heater will very likely do the exact same heating job as an Amish heater. However, if aesthetics are important and cost isn’t an issue, Amish heaters might be a worthy investment.

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