Weight Loss for Women


The body structure of girls is dissimilar from body of men. Therefore, you may not be well placed to get the effective weight loss from the different methods like men do. Hence so as to shed weight effectively, you need to follow the methods that are meant for women. For that reason, we’ve done some researches and invented some of the things which you have to know about the women’s diet.

Unlike men’s diet, women’s are completely different from them. Below we have included the perfect daily calorific consumption for women specified by their ages (main food groups).

The perfect calorie intake for women whose age ranges from 21-25 is about 2,000 calories daily.

The perfect daily intake of calories for women whose age goes from 26-50 is about 1,800 calories and

The perfect daily intake of calories for women age starting from 50 above is about 1,600.

This information is made based on routine activities of average women. Those that spend more energy doing hard works need to consume more amounts of calories. For others, you will have enough energy to do your daily works by consuming already mentioned amount of calories. If you are ready to lose weight, it is better you do not take more calories than you want as, those foods which are not converted into power are stored within the body as fats resulting you to gain more weight rather than losing.

Another crucial thing you need to know about food intake is food group distribution. So as to keep the body healthy, you need to eat the controlled diet. For getting proper quantity of nutrition, we have provided the food group distribution which can give you great results for healthy and effective weight reduction.

The approximate food group distribution for women is as below:

Protein: About 10-35%

Carbohydrates: 45-65%

Fat: 20-35%

If you follow these guiding principles and get a high-quality diet plan for weight loss, we assure you’ll be able to lose pounds without having any problems and in healthy demeanour. Some of the good weight loss dieting plans include Mediterranean diet, slim-fast best weight loss tips for women etc.

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