Ways To Make Your Penis Bigger-How To Quickly Make It Bigger


Believe it or not there are many ways to make your penis bigger. By the time you are done reading this article you will have learned that two of the best ways to accomplish it. Through pills and through natural exercise techniques.

1-Decide whether or not pills are the best option

If there is one thing that is certain when you make up is that at some point in the day you will hear or see some kind of advertisement for male enhancement pills. You will probably hear an ad on the radio, or at least see a commercial on TV, no matter how it happens, it will eventually happen. Because of this people automatically think it is a scam. But if we are going to be honest, they actually do work, but not as well as we are told. The results will not be permanent but it will last for about an hour which is enough time to have sex.

2-Exercise your way to a bigger penis

it is totally understandable if you do not feel like wasting your money on pills because if you have to take them every time you have sex, that will get expensive. Your next best option is to do male enhancement exercises. The number of exercises you can do for your penis is literally limitless, but we will be talking about the two best exercises today.

Let’s start off by talking about the jelq. This is the best and easiest exercise to perform. All you do is make an OK sign with your thumb and index finger, grab the base of your penis and slowly work your way up to just below the head. Repeat with the other hand.

Once you have done that you can do some PC contractions. This won’t actually make the penis bigger but it will prevent premature ejaculation. All you have to do is contract your PC muscles as hard and as long as you can.

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