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The access of public Marriage Records is a constitutional right of every citizen in the US. Laws are in place since 1967 for the mandate. This information falls under state jurisdiction. Every state has a central agency tasked with according that service to its residents. As the records are filed at state level with the databases at the respective state repositories across the country unlinked, cross-state searches become rather onerous and impractical.

The standard information on marriage records are the particulars of the couple, their parents and witnesses. The name of the official who conducted the ceremony is usually also stated. Although nominal admin fees may be charged, they are widely available free of charge from public offices. The common uses of these free marriage records are Genealogy research, background check by the police, lawyers, journalists and by far the most by a prospective spouse or partner.

Generally, marriage records search is offered in a few options by the responsible government department – walk-in, telephone, fax and on-site terminal. The majority of the more techno-centric states provide them also over the internet and that is proving to be very popular. Commercial record providers are in the fray too nowadays and thankfully so because some easily outdo their government counterpart in many ways.

It goes without saying that Free Marriage Records are searchable only if they were filed by the courts, which means that they must be legitimate to start with. Details that will be helpful to the accuracy of the search are the specific location of the marriage such as the county or circuit court where the event occurred, the date, full name of the groom and/or bride (maiden) and other personal particulars. Searches are usually conducted based on the name of the individual.

There are various alternative sources of conducting Public Marriage Records search to the central government agency. In fact, information on marriages prior to the centralization of their records is only retrievable at the particular county office where the marriage took place. Commercial operators are another viable option. Free torrent sites may work too although they are generally considered not worth the risks – spyware and viruses. At the end of the day, the choice is down to the individual.

The internet has made things easy for us in countless ways. It has surely set the path for the Information Age. Paid or free marriage records, online retrieval is without doubt the most practical means of obtaining the information. For those who are old enough, they will remember the time when researching information meant dispatching professional field investigators where it took much longer and cost a lot more.

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