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Today we will take up Part II of our series about the key questions of International Management Consulting.

An International Consultant’s Lifestyle

First: What benefits and perks can one expect when working abroad? For example, what salary, housing, and so on are usual?

Generally speaking, the benefits will be pretty much the same as you would find in consulting perks in the United States. You will have an expense account, be able to travel in style, go to elegant events with your team and your firm, and so on.

The downside is that your pay and bonuses may be smaller than you would expect in the United States. You might have fewer perks. McKinsey’s Asian offices, for example, do not give Blackberries to their junior consultants. When you arrive at Engagement Manager level, you will be awarded one.

If you are hired in the United States and relocate to your job, your international hire status will bring you some relocation benefits. For example, you might get a larger relocation bonus and be housed temporarily. Aside from that, your benefits would be the same as the locally hired consultants.

Second: What is the lifestyle like when working abroad? What are the hours? What is the social life like?

Once again, a lot is dependent on the office and country you are working in. If you are in East Asia – Korea, Japan, China – you can expect to work harder. In Central America and Latin America – Mexico, Argentina, Brazil – you will find that your work day is shorter.

In each office, there are cultural issues that are of great importance. These will vary from office to office and country to country. For example, in Saudi Arabia, you cannot buy alcohol legally. So you can see that it is very important to research your chosen destination thoroughly before you ever apply. In this way, you can prevent embarrassing or disastrous errors.

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What Does an International Consultant Do?

1. How is working as an international consultant different from working as a consultant in the US? Is there more or less responsibility?

When considering consulting overseas, you will find that there are basically two categories. You might consult in a developed country like Japan or perhaps Western Europe, or you might consult in an emerging economy, like the Czech Republic or Vietnam.

In a developed country, your work will be very much like what you would do in the US. The variables would be your mix of industries and clients in your target country. Additionally, the local reputation and strong points of your firm would make a difference.

In an emerging economy, your work might differ for several of reasons:

* Less sophistication among your clients.

-Your principals and partners will be more varied in both experience and quality.

* The resources of your local office might be limited.

That wraps up our tour of overseas management consultant lifestyle and salary. If you have more questions about consulting abroad, please post them here, and I will update the article!

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