Valuing Magic The Gathering Cards – Determine The Value Of Your MTG Collection


Understanding the worth in your Magic the Gathering cards is very important if you plan on selling any of them. It is vital to know before you begin whether you are dealing with cards which are highly sought after and worth quite a bit, or are junk that nobody wants. If you get it wrong, you could be wasting your time trying to sell cards that nobody wants.

Obviously, the value of cards are exceptionally variable, however, you can broadly set out valuing Magic the Gathering cards via their rarity.

Rare and Mythic Rare Cards

By their very definition, these cards are the hardest to get hold of, so tend to be higher in value. This does not however guarantee a high value.

As a guide, when a new rare card is released, it can generally be worth anything in the range of 50c to $10, whereas mythic rares tend to have a slightly larger range from $1 to anything around $50 for the most highly prized mythic rares.

If you are planning to sell any rare or mythic rare card, it’s always advisable to consult a Magic the Gathering seller’s site to check approximate prices – note that these prices can be slightly inflated from what you might get from selling the card yourself though. The best advice is to check average selling prices for those cards on a site such a eBay – this is the best indication of what you may get for your card.

Uncommon Cards

Obviously, uncommon cards are less in demand than rare cards, and this is reflected in their value. The most you can hope to get for the most highly sought after uncommon cards is between $1 and $2, and this is the top of the range. In general, the usual value of an uncommon card is only a few cents.

This can make selling uncommons less worthwhile, so the recommendation here is to sell them in play sets (4 copies of the same card) as a minimum. You may actually want to consider selling a larger bulk of uncommons to make it worthwhile, such as a bulk lot of 20 or 50 at one time.

Common Cards

Common cards are the most numerous and hence worth the least. In fact they are so abundant that selling commons in anything rather than a large bulk is not worthwhile, and no one will purchase them. If you do wish to sell off commons, think of selling off hundreds, if not thousands, at a time if you want to make it worthwhile. Even then, don’t expect to get a large amount of money for these cards.

This guide is a very general one, and there will be exceptions to these rules, but it should give you a rough idea of what your cards could be worth should you wish to sell them. There is the most variation with rare and mythic rare cards, so the recommendation is to make sure you evaluate their worth before you begin.

One main variation that should be noted is for the oldest Magic the Gathering cards from sets such as Alpha and Beta. There are many cards from these sets which defy these rules, so if you have any cards from these sets, always check their value first before selling – even common cards could be worth considerable amounts of money.

This guide should give you a good starting point for understanding the value in your Magic the Gathering cards before you attempt to sell them; you can then evaluate whether its worth your while selling those cards and not waste any time or money on trying to sell cards that are probably worthless.

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