Using Hand Yoga To Increase Self-assurance, Achieve More Confidence, and Increase Strength


Hand Yoga is essentially a practice of mudras, or hand gestures by connecting your fingers in predefined patterns. Practice of Mudras influences energy flow in different areas of our bodies. By performing mudras regularly one can achieve a completely healthy state of mind and body, being free of any ailments or diseases.

Mudras can be found in any religion, especially in Hindu and Buddhist where they play an important part. The study of mudras is based on theory of energy currents running through us. Hand Yoga is a science of healing using these currents.

Bringing fingers together has apparently very strong effects on the body’s balance and health. Hand Yoga practice studies mudras to achieve healing, stabilizing effects in order to progress in meditation and other practices. Our fingers are said to have thousands of nerve endings, connecting them is the essence of mudras.

This article discusses the Prithivi Mudra used to gain self-assurance, confidence and strength. The main purpose of this exercise is to stimulate the root chakra. Chakras are energy centers inside our bodies, situated along the spinal column. The Chakra Theory is a topic for another article, it is very simple to learn and just like hand yoga it can do wonders.

The Prithivi Mudra should be practiced 3 times a day for 15 minutes. This will ensure the energy flow from the root chakra is at maximum, allowing following chakras receive sufficient amounts. The root chakra makes us feel grounded, down to earth and strong at the same time. Balance in this chakra restores our natural strength and abilities, adding to self-assurance and increasing confidence in our actions. [I:]

To do the Prithivi Mudra connect your thumbs with ring fingers on each hand and extend other fingers. This mudra is simple and very safe for everyone. Practicing this Hand Yoga exercise can be anywhere and anytime. Root chakra stimulation is very effective.

Meditation plays an important role in self-healing. Having a clear mind while holding a mudra enhances the effects significantly. Anyone can mediate. In fact, we all mediate – during sleep. Meditation is a part of life, just like breathing, it is essential. When learned and practiced, conscious mediation becomes a very powerful tool for building assertiveness and strength which help overcome life’s difficulties.

Other ways of enhancing the healing effects of the Prithivi Mudra include taking herbal remedies. The following herbs are recommended for root energy and inner balance.

The brain and the nervous system benefit from the restorative powers of oatstraw. Those who have trouble with concentration or want to increase their assertiveness should take oatstraw regularly. Being grounded and stable with increased self-awareness and vitality is the effect of taking oatstraw. Oatstraw tends to increase concentration, reduce stress, relieve headaches, menopausal symptoms, including anxiety and restless legs.

If you would like to increase your abilities to stay focused and keep on your path, try taking dandelion root that will help you feel lless frustrated with life. Dandelion will help you in manifesting your purpose and aligning with inner self. Dandelion is also said to have immune-boosting properties and improve the white blood cell count

Try this mudra along with meditation and herbs and you will have a powerful weapon to fight lack of confidence, loss of strength and reclaim your self respect.

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