Useful Guide to Exhibition Display Graphics


Trade shows and exhibitions are filled with advertising. As people walk around, they are bombarded by companies and small businesses trying to sell things, signs advertising brands and wares and the smells and noise from the show itself.

You only have a very limited amount of time to grab a passer-by’s attention. Research from the Centre for Exhibition Industry Research actually indicates you have as little as 4 to 6 seconds! This makes it essential that your banner or sign stands out. With the right graphic design techniques, you can grab a viewer’s eye.

Here are just a few ways you can get a consumer to look again:

Different stands

The type of stand you use to advertise your wares and services will have a big impact on the resulting leads and consumer interest. Exhibition displays include display counters, display headers, exhibition panel graphics, posters, table skirts and display accessories. You can use one or all of these to catch someone’s eye, dependent on what you are selling. Keep in mind that too many things will be overwhelming – the point is to find the balance between the two.

The use of images and colour

The Centre for Exhibition Industry Research has found that adding photos to your exhibit can enhance attendee recall by up to 26 per cent. Try to incorporate shots of your products or services on your banners and signs to entice consumers.

For example, if you run a cupcake business, photos of your best treats will entice customers, or if you sell eyewear, happy customers wearing the glasses will also go down well. You should also make sure the images are bright and colourful as this will catch a person’s eye first.


Keep it simple stupid! Make sure your spot in the exhibition or trade show is simple and effective by only including the most important information, such as contact details, high quality photos and useful information. This ensures they aren’t bombarded with information and give up before you get a chance to talk to them or get a lead. If the attendee wants to find out more, they will come to you!

Combine forms of displays

As mentioned previously, using multiple forms of advertising can have a good impact. It shouldn’t be crowded, but using a few different styles can capture the eye. For example, use a few display counters to show your wares and a backlit display to express your company’s details. This is particularly effective if you have samples of your products, like a food product, so that if one area is full, they can head to the next stand to try your product.

Good staff

If you have a sales team, they are who you want at the show. They have the skills and expertise to keep a consumer interested. If not, choose someone in your staff who is outgoing and knowledgeable, so they can encourage and entice a consumer and will be able to answer any questions.

When planning your time at an exhibition or trade show, it is important that your displays and advertisement stand out above the rest. With the right banners and signs coupled with good graphic design, you are sure to attract people. Keep the above tips in mind and reap the rewards.



Katherine Flowers is passionate about industrial concepts and creative designs. She writes for SignWave about experiences, encounters and advice connected to the graphic industry.



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