US Civil Service Retirement Benefits


There are big things that people are unaware of in the civil service retirement system in the United States of America. First the civil service retirement system operates in a very simple way. It covers federal employees who joined the civil service retirement system prior to the first of January 1987.

The civil service retirement system is renowned as a defined benefit which means that it guarantees a certain payment at retirement according to a calculation which depends on an individual’s salary in addition the number of years he or she has been in membership of the plan.

It is said that there are a number of profits under the civil service retirement plan. However in order to qualify for it, you must meet 2 requirements. The initial one is mentioned above. In addition to it, you must have served in a position at the civil service retirement system for the last 2 years prior to your retirement.

If you meet any of the two requirements, then you are eligible for an immediate retirement benefit. If you are in the need of an urgent retirement and you do not meet the correct age or requirements then you may be eligible for other retirement benefits.

Notwithstanding you must have done five years of civil service at least and be at a minimum age of sixty-two. If you are thinking of retiring soon and you are uncertain if you are qualified then you must recommend a retirement application to the civil service retirement system, so that you will receive the benefits that you are entitled to.

If you are still serving in the civil service and you are eligible, then you will receive an annuity based on your length of service as well as salary. The data that you have provided in your application will be used to determine the kind of merit you will be receiving from the civil service retirement system.

You will be able to get your foremost payment as soon as all your records are received by the Office of Personnel Management. Federal civil servants who receive retirements benefits from the civil service retirement system are subject to income tax when they file for federal income tax.

However, keep in mind that, in addition to the base earning, the deductions protects a retired person’s funds earned during the time he or she was serving in the civil service as well as the amount that is reserved for his or her spouse.

As beneficial as the civil service retirement system is, be warned that civil service retirement system provides a cost of living increment periodically.

If you retire before the age of 55 or provide for a dependent, your benefits will be reduced. You can search online on how to calculate the payment you are liable to receive and if you have any doubts it is also possible to contact the appropriate authorities.



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