Upper Tier Bonsai Tree Gallery


Interior Design is a very essential aspect of a room. It will make the habitants of the space live in harmony and balance. It involves planning and consideration of design elements for the psychological and physiological well-being of the users or inhabitants. Interior Design will correct any mistake that a space possess.

Feng Shui is the concept that follows principles or strategies that should also imbibe the well-being of the dwellers in a given space. There are many rules and practical principles that encompass the world of Feng Shui and part of it is to incorporate plants to promote the well being of the dwellers. Feng Shui states that plants help absorb negative ch’i or energy in a space so as it would not affect the dwellers.

Plants should be carefully positioned in areas of the home. In bedrooms there should at least be one plant which has to be carefully positioned near the doorway or entrance/ exit points. This is to block the negative ch’is that can harm the person who inhabits the room.

Small plants such as bonsai trees could be strategically placed on top of the living room of the coffee table. Bonsai tress are short trees that are cultivated, cutted and arranged in fashion as to remain it in a great looking state. This is to ensure constant welfare and good harmony within the people and their guests when entertaining.

At Fargo there is an Upper Tier Bonsai Tree Gallery that is at display. Enthusiasts, spectators and horticulturists are encouraged to grace the said event. Bonsai trees are first developed in the country Japan and since then it spread widely first in Asian countries then in other places around the world. Their main use is in decorating spaces.

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