UPM Programmable Thermostat Manual and Instructions


Every year an average household in the United States of American spend between 2000 to 2500 USD on energy bills, most of which is for either heating their home or for cooling during hot summer spells.

Presently a fair portion of that price may be saved by the correct as well as constant use of a UPM programmable thermostat.There are 2 types of UPM programmable thermostats for you to choose from:

The THM701 or the 7 day touchscreen model is one. This specific UPM programmable thermostat model offers nice features that include central heating systems, air conditioning functions, excellent humidity control, automatic heat or cool changeover facilities, a clock display additionally low voltage (of regarding Millivolt/24 volt).

This model also comes with a five year warranty period. The other UPM programmable thermostat model is the HTM611 7 day Electric Heat programmable thermostat.

It allows you to program the thermostat up to one whole week in addition to that it is also for baseboard heaters as well as radiant ceilings. It is similarly for fan forced heating systems. The HTM 611 UPM programmable thermostat similarly has a quiet TRIAC system for power switching.

Proportional heating, a clock display as well as high voltage are another features of this specified model. A UPM programmable thermostat will permit you to return to a cooler home after the day has been hot and dreary.

A UPM programmable thermostat will let you to stay warm furthermore friendly despite being freezing out there. All this while offering you remarkable cost-savings, shrinking your home’s drain on the electricity grid in addition enabling you to do your bit towards energy conservation.

In addition to the above there are noted reasons to think of a UPM programmable thermostat. For example you may always be assured of a quality product that has been both tested and proven.

You may likewise count a UPM programmable thermostat to be environmentally-friendly with significant energy efficiency levels in addition to the resultant price savings.

The simplicity plus ease of utilization of a UPM programmable thermostat ensure higher levels of comfort and convenience.

Because UPM has been at the forefront in developing, designing, manufacturing besides marketing a range of energy saving products targeting home automation for almost 2 decades, you may expect the highest levels of pre- additionally post- sales services along with the promise of innovative products in addition designs.

The UPM name has grown in trust additionally recognition throughout the world and functions with a philosophy based on commitment towards the people, customers as well as the community.

Hence you know you are being a part of a fruitful trend in energy conservative home automation products and acquiring the optimal products in this category out there.

Download UPM Programmable Thermostat HTM611A Manual and User Guide => Download Manual


Download UPM Programmable Thermostat THM701 Manual and User Guide => Download Manual




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