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Have you noticed? There is a huge buzz around social media these days. At a time when most businesses are struggling, social media is your fastest way to find a ready, willing and able customer – for FREE! Social media has grown up to become a very serious marketing tool for business.

There is a little known secret that you MUST know if you want to use social media most effectively – and it has absolutely nothing to do with technology! The secret? A compelling Unique Selling Proposition [USP]. So, before you get all teched up on Facebook, Twitter, My Space, etc., take a few moments and apply the very first fundamental to attracting clients to you ” a great USP.

1) A Great USP Draws Clients Like Bees To Honey:

In a shrinking market, it becomes critical to capture whatever prospects there are. A great USP will build your client list by pulling your ideal prospect to you. How? By speaking directly to your ideal prospect about what THEY want and by linking your service or product to a solution THEY are looking for.

2) A great USP enters the conversation that your prospect is already having:

A great USP talks to your customer or client in THEIR language about THEIR concerns. Answer their question Whats In It For ME simply and directly and youve got their attention. When you use THEIR language, they will feel that you truly understand and that they can trust you.

3) A great USP lets the prospect know that you have their solution:

Sometimes, your ideal prospect may not even realize they have a problem ” until they see your solution. This is often the case when new technology is introduced to the market. By providing a guarantee, you build trust in your product or service while removing any risk to the customer.

FedExs USP is one of the most powerful, compelling ones in the marketplace: When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be There Overnight.


How does FedEx enter the conversation that the prospect is already having? The customer asks, How do I get this package where I need it to be tomorrow? FedEx replies: When ithas to be there overnight.

Healing their customers wound:

FedExs ideal prospect has something at risk: money, a relationship or both – a customer, a transaction or a business deal that could be jeopardized when a promise has not been kept or a commitment left unfulfilled. This USP speaks directly to the ideal prospect that has the pressure of a critical deadline.

FedExs superior service makes the customer look good:

FedExs ideal prospect wants to shine ” to stand out. They want to be seen as someone that can be counted on. They want to position themselves or their company as reliable and trustworthy.

Draw Clients To You By Offering A Guarantee:

While FedExs service is over-night delivery, something the US mail can provide at half the price, by offering an ironclad guarantee, they are able to command a much higher price. FedExs clients dont even consider the US Postal Service to be a viable option!

When it comes to overnight delivery, FedEx is hardly the only service provider, but they most certainly dominate that position in the prospects mind. They have so successfully linked their service solution to their company name that FedEx equals overnight delivery. When you use an overnight service, you FedEx it – even if you use a different service provider! FedEx has successfully become a verb.

Create a compelling USP that talks directly to your ideal prospect and, like FedEx, you will find clients drawn to you like magic!

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