Understanding Your Wedding Vows


All the planning and preparation has led up to this sacred moment. The Bride and Groom say their “I dos”. Then they repeat their Christian Special Event Promises to each other, and the minister pronounces them to be husband and wife.

What exactly are Christian Special Event Vows? These promises exchanged during the Weddingare considered Christian Weddingvows, but why? What makes the peculiarly Christian Special Event Vows?

Promises are statements of promise or pledge. Essentially they are commitments from Groom to Bride and Bride to Groom. They define what each brings and offers to the other. Partly because a Minister officiates, they are called Christian Nuptial Vows. It is not quite that simple, however.

In the United States, the Episcopal church is the primary source for Christian Nuptial Vows. Historically, the Anglican Church or Church of England became known as the Episcopal Church. Many other denominations have launched since them ranging from Methodist and Presbyterian to Pentecostal and Charismatic churches. Yet, Christian Nuptial Promises remain uniquely tied to these church traditions and are therefore known as Christian Special Event Vows.

You may attend a Methodist or Baptist or even a Pentecostal church, but when it comes to your promises made during your Special Event ceremony; they are all classified as Christian Wedding Commitments and derive from the same original church roots. You may find variations, but they can still be Christian Nuptial Vows.

The meaning of Christian Nuptial Promises focuses on the nature of marriage and the marriage relationship as described and defined in the Bible. These values and views emphasize the differences and similarities in the roles as well as the guiding principles that assure successful relationships.

The Bible says that God made man and named him Adam. God gave Adam rule, authority, and responsibility over the creation. After making woman, God instructs man to be the leader of his home, to provide protection against evil forces, and to guide his family toward the divine destiny laid out for him by God.

The Bible goes on to teach that a husband should take responsibility as producer , protector, and leader of his home. The Apostle Paul states that a husband should love his wife with sacrificial love. The basic concept of a Christian husband is one who provides for his wife and family, protects them from all manner of dangers, leads them with purpose toward a positive family destiny, and willingly sacrifices his own desires and needs for the benefit of his wife and family.

From the side of man comes woman, a divine gift to man as a companion and helpmate. Her specialized role is as the giver of life and the nurturer of family, but in all other cases she is to be considered a mutual partner in the mission of the family. In the Christian Special Event Vows, she pledges to respect her husband, give herself freely to meet her husband’s needs, and to surrender her desires and needs for the benefit of the marriage and family.

When the Weddingis officiated by a representative of the church such as a minister, and the promises made advance the traditions and views of the church, and the couple affirms Biblical values; the exchange is describes as Christian WeddingVows.

The core nature of marriage is lifted up in Christian WeddingVows, and you can see many different samples of Commitments and pledges that are valuable as Christian Special Event Vows.

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