Unclogging A Plumbing Vent


A malfunctioning in a drainage pipe and the affiliated sink may relate to the problems in the plumbing traps or the plumbing vents.

Once no potential problem is detected in the sink trap or the drain pipe then the attention shifts to the plumbing vents.

A vent is a plumbing component that makes way for the escape of waste gases and sewer gases produced by the said waste. Vents work in collaboration with the sink traps and the drainage system such that the waste gases don’t enter into the building and are expelled properly.

Vents are commonly installed on the roofs with a metal/plastic pipe of about 1 or 2 feet rising above the roof surface. They have a diameter of about 3-4 inches and are visible from a distance even.

Kick off the campaign by apprehending the site and analyzing possible ways to reach the vent. Don’t forget that if the roof is wet and saturated then the task may have certain degree of risk involved with it. Consult a contractor to take his opinion on how to reach out to the top without exerting a good weight on the roof.

An additional roof ladder extending from the inclined ladder to the ridge of the vent may be used so as to place yourself in a comfortable position. This would also prevent you from standing on the wet and saturated roof.

Once you’ve reached the vent put the beam of a torch into the vent to locate any clog. Insert a long bamboo stick or a rigid metal rod to break apart any clog in the form of debris, leaves and other foreign materials. A deeper clog however has to be eliminated by a hose pipe. The force of the water would drain down any such clog into the drainage.

If however the force of the water is not enough to unclog the vent then insert the hose pipe into the vent transforming it into a plumber’s snake. This would surely remove any clog stuck in the vent.

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