Types Of Fencing Swords


Fencing is a sport consisting of armed combat. It characteristics in modern Olympics overly. Fencing may include swords, knives, batons, clubs what’s more other similar weapons. Fencing swords are the weapons used in Fencing.

There are 3 types of weapons or swords used in fencing. They are-

* Epee: It is a heavy thrusting weapon which can be struck at the opponent on any part of his body. Double touches are permitted while employing Epee as a fencing weapon.

* Foil: It is a light thrusting weapon besides its valid target for striking the opponent is restricted to the torso. Double touches are not allowed while utilising a block as a fencing weapon.

* Sabre: It is pronounces as saver. This is a light cutting what’s more thrusting weapon. The valid target for striking includes everything above the waist except the back of the head additionally the hands. Double touches are not allowed while employing Saber as a fencing weapon.

If you are a professional fencer then you can wish to utilise competition fencing swords. Practice fencing swords are used by practitioners or the fencing sport or Classical fencers.

The fencing swords used in the 19th century in competitions was heavy cavalry-style sabre. however in the early 20th century more modern, light weight furthermore speedier weapons were used in competitions.

The fencing swords differ in shapes what’s more purpose depending on its utilize by the fencers, but its basic construction remains the same. Every fencing weapon has a blade moreover a hilt. The tip of the blade is named the point. The hilt has a guard furthermore a grip. The guard, also popular as the coquille, the bell or the bellguard is a metal shell built to protect the fingers of the fencers.

The grip is actually the handle of the weapon plus the guard is designed just for protecting the fingers. There are numerous variations of fencing swords but the most popular one is the sword with a pommel (a heavyweight nut that placed at the end of the blade).

Foils what’s more Epees have been replaced by modern fencing swords which can be gripped like a pistol. hence these new weapons are named as pistol grip. These weapons are much efficient as they have a better grip in addition are light weight. All modern fencing weapons used in competitions have electrical wiring which helps in registering the number of touches on the opponent.



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