Types Of Bacterias


There are various types of bacteria that can be divided into harmful bacteria as well as helpful bacteria. Some helpful bacteria are as follows;

Fermentation is essential to taste cheese or yogurt. Helpful bacteria like brevibacterium give carbon dioxide during the process of fermentation. Helpful bacteria are responsible for the complexity as well as acidity in beer.

Pseudomonas Syringae is a type of bacterium seen in leaves as well as grass as well as produces protein for frost formation. Now the protein from this form of bacterium is sold in a brand name to enhance the formation of snow.

Caulobacter Crescentus is another helpful bacterium which has long sticky sugar molecules. They are better than glues and so natural as well as non toxic adhesive are produced from these bacteria.

There are billion sorts of bacteria around us. Most of them are helpful bacteria and they are deeply critical for our survival. yet there are some few harmful bacteria that cause diseases.

Harmful sorts of bacteria are as follows;

Streptococcus bacteria are one of the harmful bacteria that may cause disease in human and animals particularly mammals. They cause some little infections like strep throat and some shocking diseases like pneumonia. Some harmful streptococci can even cause death. These bacteria are highly contagious and may spread easily through air.

Group A and B bacteria are more harmful streptococcus bacteria than any other bacteria strain. They can cause scarlet fever, rheumatic fever etc. They may besides cause problems in female reproductive system. nevertheless they are controllable through vaccines as well as antibiotics.

Yet there are some harmful bacteria ha can cause gum bleeding as well as other teeth problems. As they progress rapidly, steps must be taken to avoid them in the early stage itself. still there are some harmful bacteria that are highly resistant to drugs.

Bacteria may be classified into three types based on the shape. The rod shaped bacteria, Sphere shaped bacteria as well as Spiral bacteria are the three kinds of bacteria. There are some bacteria that are in different shapes and accordingly it is difficult to classify tem according to shape.

Some bacteria require oxygen for their survival while others do not. On the basis of oxygen requirement they are classified as aerobic as well as anaerobic bacteria. On the basis of Gram staining method bacteria are classified into 2 types. They are Gram positive bacteria and Gram negative bacteria. Bacteria are also classified according to their growth and reproduction. Such classification includes Autotrophic bacteria as well as heterotrophic bacteria. Autotrophic bacteria take the needed carbon from carbon dioxide by itself. Some kinds of autotrophs will utilize sunlight to change carbon dioxide to sugar. While heterotrophic bacteria will take sugar or carbon from the environment they live.

Scientists have classified various types of bacteria according to the phyla. Each phylum then again corresponds to different species of bacteria. The bacteria can be classified according o the environment they live besides. Sweet water bacteria, ocean water bacteria are some of the sorts of bacteria classified according to their environment. Some types of bacteria can survive in keenly hot or cold temperature.



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