How NOT To Treat Your Guns!


Individuals, who have experience with firearms and various other types of weaponry understand that all weapons must be treated with respect and care. Whether it be regular firearms or air guns, it is never a good idea to take your responsibilities for granted. An air gun can be just as dangerous as a regular firearm if it doesn’t receive proper care or is misused. Safety and maintenance of any weapon are of primary importance. Teaching children these lessons early will help them be more responsible as adults. The basics include:

  • Proper care
  • Safety precautions
  • Handling and use

Proper Care

Always empty your weapons before storing them, remembering to empty the chamber as well as the magazine. Make sure each one is thoroughly cleaned and any problems noted. This will give you time to have it repaired before you want to fire it again. Each type of weapon is different when it comes to the level of maintenance needed to keep it firing efficiently. Knowing your weapon, as well as any maintenance and care tips it may need, will help you keep your weapon in the best condition possible.

Safety Precautions

Most weapons, including many air guns, have a safety mechanism. When the gun is not being used or is being transported from one place to another, always make sure the safety switch is engaged to prevent a misfire. When carrying a rifle, shotgun or other long barrel, always makes sure the gun is pointing downward or pointing upwards if it is being carried against your shoulder. Grasp the weapon by the stock as close to the barrel as possible. This allows it to be carried safely without accessing the trigger. When shooting recreationally, it is also an excellent idea to wear protective glasses to shield the eyes from flying objects.

Handling and Use

When handling any type of weapon, including air guns, always be aware of your surroundings. Never leave a weapon unattended, especially if it is loaded and ready to fire. Keeping weapons out of the reach of small children is an essential rule of gun ownership. Even if a weapon is taken apart and in the process of being cleaned, it can still be dangerous for someone who does not understand how the various mechanisms work.

Firing an air gun is basically the same as firing one that uses real bullets. Although the projectiles are less lethal, they can still cause considerable injury if a person is hit in a sensitive area, such as the head or neck. Never point a weapon at another person, even in a joking manner. It can discharge accidentally or may be perceived as a threat. In either case, one or both individuals can be seriously hurt. It is also important to know what rounds or pellets your weapons can accommodate. Using the wrong ammunition can cause a misfire or can damage the barrel of the weapon when it is fired.

Air guns are safe and effective weapons when used correctly. If a BB or pellet gun is being purchased for a young person, make sure they understand the rules and responsibilities that go along with gun ownership before you leave them to their own devices. As a parent or guardian, it is your responsibility to make sure they can handle the weapon as well as know what it is capable of. Teaching proper care, maintenance and safety precautions will help them become a responsible gun owner, as well as a marksman. Families, who hunt or shoot recreationally, have children who learn from a young age to respect weapons and what they are capable of. If educated early, there is much less risk of gun-related accidents or injuries as they get older.

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