Training Staff In Microsoft Excel


There are a lot of different resources available for Microsoft Excel training. You can find training on how to use all parts of Microsoft excel as well as very specific training on how to use certain parts of Microsoft excel. There are many different excel professionals that provide training and tips about using excel. You can do a lot with excel but most people don’t know how to use certain functions.

Many times workers tend to learn from experience and working on different products. However this can stall productivity as they are spending valuable time learning how to use the software. When training staff in Microsoft excel you want to start with the basics and work your way up so everyone has the same knowledge and are able to use excel at the same level.

Many different job positions require some Microsoft excel knowledge as this include accountants, office managers, small business owners, teachers and students. If you need something for a business career day or other employee training then a seminar on Microsoft excels training can be a great addition. You can learn how to use Power excel, how to create charts, actions that can be used from the data menu and learning how to use pivot tables.

Microsoft offers several online courses for excel 2003 and excel 2007. The training courses range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes and are all available online. Some of the topics covered include Excel features, printing options, how to create a chart, import text files into excel, Excel macros, and filtering external data before importing.

There are other books and texts that are Microsoft excel training guides. Many of these books have supplement cds that provide examples and tutorials on using excel. There are even books that can help you gain your certification as an excel specialist or expert.

The training covered includes creating data and content, analyzing data, formatting data and content, collaborating and managing workbooks. No matter what you need help with there are resources available that can provide the needed training.

Author is a developer and trainer with TrainingCompany.Com, an independent computer training company offering Microsoft Excel 2007 training courses at their central London training centre.



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