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Have you ever tried to plant and maintain a garden without a tractor? If your garden has any size to it at all, then you know first hand that maintaining your crops is a lot of hard work. Now throw a tractor into the equation and you just turned your full time gardening job into a hobby. With the right garden tractor implements you can grow and maintain a wide variety of vegetables.

Today, most tractors provide a 3 point hitch system coupled with a PTO hook up to make short work of even the most difficult farming and gardening tasks. This allows you to connect plows, post hole diggers cultivators, disc harrows, tillers, fertilizer spreaders, and planters just to name a few, but let’s not jump ahead. Some farming implements are going to be powered by the PTO of the tractor, while other are just connected and pulled behind the tractor. If you have a tractor with a front end loader then you will also be able to connect a multitude of other attachments to the front of your tractor.

Garden tractors can greatly benefit from having a front end loader installed. Most tractor owners use this to attach a bucket to their tractor, but this is only one of many attachments that can be used if you have a universal quick attach hitch on your loader. Many farmers not only have crops, but livestock as well that need hay carried to and from pastures and fields. 4 in 1 buckets for front end loaders are a good example of how to utilize your loader for more uses.

So, you may be asking yourself, what implements should I consider owning to create the best garden possible without having to pick up a hoe? There is a basic set of attachments take help to produce a healthy crop, so keep on reading. If you are planting a garden, a garden tractor plow is almost a necessity. A plow allows you to turn the earth and prepare the soil for planting your garden. If you have a smaller compact tractor then it is usually a good idea to use a One Bottom Plow. For larger tractors, a farm plow or two bottom plow is the better choice. This will allow you to plow your garden or field faster if your tractor has the horsepower to pull it.

After you have plowed your garden, you will need to break up the soil until it is suitable for planting. You can accomplish this by using either a disc harrow, or a pto tractor tiller. The disc harrow is simply connected to the 3 point hitch and ran over the plowed area until the larger pieces of dirt are broken up and the soil is workable with your hands. Some gardeners who use a disc harrow prefer to leave some small clods to help keep the ground from washing away in heavy rains.

If you don’t have the time to work your garden over several times with a disc harrow, then you may want to consider owning a PTO Rotary Tiller. These attachments for garden tractors simply hook up to your tractor’s three point hitch and has curved blades that will produce excellent results in only one pass. There are many sizes from large to small to choose from, and compact tractor tillers are an excellent choice for smaller tractors. If you have a large tractor, you may want to choose three point hitch tillers that are as wide as your tractor.

Now that the soil ready to plant, the next step is to create a raised garden bed to plant your crop in. A great tool for this is known as a garden hiller or garden bedders. You can find a 3 in 1 tool that will allow you to complete the next couple steps with a single farm tractor attachment. Everything Attachments offers a garden cultivator with a bolt on bedder, furrowing attachment, and cultivator all in one. Once you have created you raised beds, many garden farmers tend to make a pass over each row with a furrowing attachment to make a small V into each row. This creates a place for the gardener to place their seed and easily cover it up with the soil on either side.

Using a 3 point hitch cultivator is key to keeping unwanted weeds from destroying an otherwise healthy crop. Morning glories and a host of other weeds will literally ruin a garden in the early stages if you cannot keep them in check. Everything Attachments offers a cultivator that with the right options can be used as a bedder, a furrowing attachement to put a furrow in your rows, and then be used as a cultivator. Having three gardening tools in one in this instance is not a bad thing as it does all three exceptionally well.


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