Top Ten Interesting Shows for You in 2012


Are you a TV addict and stay glued to your couch all the time? Well, then there is no chances of improvement as more and more exciting, fun-filled shows are pouring which will keep you stick to your sofa more tightly. Moreover, the new technologies in the TV world make the whole thing crispier. Yes, the HD DVR receivers, TV everywhere technology, TV outdoors and the latest that is Hopper from DISH Network are few examples that have taken the standards of TV entertainment to a new horizon.


Here we give you the list of top shows in the year 2012 which kept your eye balls glued to the TV screen.

1.      HOMELAND

The series Homeland made a great success by achieving the top position among other series. This series will make the year more exciting. Other dramas had a mixed reaction; some made people yawn and others made them to change the channel.


With 4ft 5in tall anti hero, this saga was one of the smashing hits of 2011. The battle for throne, controversial deaths and many more electrifying things are incorporated in this complex tale.

Thus, the perfect combination of all the ingredients makes this series occupy the top position in the year 2012.

3.      THE HOUR

The newsroom drama made it to the list of top 10 shows in 2012. Show “The Hour” which deals with immigration and cold war shined this year and entertained many people.

4.      NEW GIRL

The name of the show might not interest all kind of audience but in contrary this new sitcom has attracted good number of viewers. This show will pull more audience as it has a many ingredients which can easily attract the eyes of young people.

5.      LUCK

The show Luck which is a creation of Deawood writer David Milch and Hollywood director Michael Mann is also one of the top shows of this year. Here we see Dustin Hoffman who is starred as a serial gambler in the show.

6.      MAD MEN

After many hassles and arguments this show is ready with its fifth series. The plot of the show is not yet disclosed by Matthew Weiner but it is for sure that some thing exciting is on the way.


If a surreal comedy is a no for you then this show is not your cup of tea. But if you are fan of comedy series like “The Mighty Boosh” then this show is the right one for you. This show has also made to the list of top shows in year 2012.


This is also one of the top shows which will keep you stick to your TV set. This shows depicts early thirties England where you will find bunch of black jazz musicians dealing with different stuffs and finally getting entangled in the underworld.

9.      ALCATRAZ

Here is another top show of the year 2012. This supernatural thriller takes place on an iconic island where history of Alcatraz and many other stirring things are dealt.


So, this is the last show on our top shows collection of year 2012. This show is based on Sebastian Faulks novel and stars Eddie Redmayne who plays a First World War officer. Life in trenches will be depicted here some what like that of Steven Spielberg’s War Horse.


So, make your 2012 more TV based by giving a look to these top shows. There are chances that you may develop a tummy but won’t be able to resist these shows.


Author’s bio: Jackie Malcolm is an expert in TV industry. She informs people about various aspects of entertainment which includes programming, devices and other services. You will get to know about DISH Network programming packages, DIRECT TV packages and many others.



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