Top Six South America Tourist Spots


South America is a place packed with mystifying marvels that are truly worth visiting or hiking to as well as vibrant, colonial cities to go to which ought to have a spot on the ideal backpacking South America routes. South America tourist attractions present something for every sort of traveler. History enthusiasts could check out the ruins left by past societies. Outdoors fanatics could spend years exploring the natural parks dispersed throughout the region. Here is a collection of the top South America tourist spots to see.

Statue Of Christ The Redeemer, Rio, Brazil – Positioned atop the Corcovado Mountain is the highly renowned sight of Rio. The inviting open arms of the representation of Jesus Christ signify peace proposed by the people of Brazil. From the mountain, you’ll experience the breathtaking vista of the downtown area of Rio as well as the Lagoon, the ocean and Sugar Loaf Mountain.

Machu Picchu, Peru – Atop a significant mountain is the sacred Lost City of the Incas. Carved into stone, the components of the buildings were built particularly with master construction and design that inhibits it from collapsing in the course of earthquakes.

San Agustin, Colombia – The refuge of sculptures carved in stones in San Agustin Archeological Park is a UNESCO heritage site. The intricate ideas and ingenuity of the Andean people are proven in the megalith structures made in the 1st to 8th centuries with lots of sculptures of mythical figures. These remnants are evidence of the creativity of the traditional people in addition to their mystical and spiritual convictions.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia – In south western Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni is a special wonder of mother nature. It is the biggest salt flat on the planet and is at an altitude of 3500 meters. The influx of South America tourist groups at this location also has attracted hotels. However, they’re definitely not typical buildings. Every part of most of these constructions is created out of salt, making it a really surreal experience.

Easter Island, Chile – Rapa Nui, more commonly known as Easter Island is really a stunning place and just a bit from nirvana. The island is remote at almost 3000 kilometers off the shoreline of Chile, turning it into one of the more conserved and unspoiled islands in the whole world. The downside is that it’s at a considerable distance from the mainland but the flight is worth the experience. The area is scenic and the sights are simply stunning. The South America tourist will note that this region is one of the more gorgeous places to visit.

Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira, Colombia – The subterranean mine of salt turned cathedral is definitely a extraordinary attraction you’ll encounter within the pueblo called Zipaquira, a short drive from Bogota. Once you enter into the slim, dimly lit channels, you’ll wander through various displays which will display different crosses and spaces that have been built totally of salt. It is a operating cathedral, but most come to view the location for its distinctive statues and installations that give additional splendor to the area.

There are so many cool things to do when backpacking South America. From bustling metropolises to ancient South America tourist attractions, this region has something for everyone.



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