Top 10 Seasoning Ingredients For Cooking A Delicious Food


Every intrepid cook or chef will have their own list of must-have seasonings they simply cannot do without in the kitchen. However, if you are on your own for the first time or just learning how to cook, you are probably a bit clueless as to what spices you should always have on hand for cooking and baking.

While some cooks will have a varied spice cabinet, there are a few seasoning staples that will give you the basis of some great tasting meals. Consider these must-have seasonings:

1.  Salt – While regular table salt is fine, why not punch things up a bit and purchase sea salt or kosher salt? You can buy a special tabletop spice grinder and put the salt in there and grind only as needed. The flavor of kosher or sea salt is exceptional and very little goes a long way.

2.  Pepper – Black pepper is a staple on most dining room tables and kitchens, but you can do much better than the black powdery stuff in a can! Purchase a peppermill or grinder along with whole peppercorns and grind as much as you need! The coolest part is peppercorns come in different varieties for a slightly different peppery taste, depending on the version you buy.

3.  Garlic powder – Garlic provides that extra “something” that most taste buds love and it is definitely not just for Italian dishes. Mexican, Greek, American, Cajun and many other ethnic foods use garlic so it should be a staple in your spice rack.

4.  Cinnamon – Everyone who has had grandma’s apple pie or eaten cinnamon toast knows about this spice. It is perfect for baking and even for adding into sauces. A little goes a long way with this spice derived from tree bark.

5.  Basil – This is a signature spice for Italian dishes but melds well with other spices for great meat rubs and sauces. If you purchase dried basil, be sure to crush the spice between your fingertips as you add to a recipe to “release” the full flavor of it.

6.  Oregano – Another Italian spice staple, it also works great for Mexican dishes in addition to meat rubs, sauces, salsas and more. Like the basil, if you used dried, crush it to release the flavor.

7.  Sage – This spice is a must for virtually any poultry dish. It has a slightly pungent or piquant flavor so it should be used in conjunction with other spices. Poultry meat rubs, sauces, dressings and more benefit from this spice.

8. Chili powder – This is a staple seasoning in Asia and Africa

9. Thyme – If you want to bring out the best from your beef and chicken or any type of meat, then you can’t go wrong with a sprinle of dry thyme.

10. Rosemary – Although rosemary has similar flavor like thyme, it is still a sumptuous addition to any food.

Really, there are a ton of spices that you might consider “staple” items once you really start cooking on your own. Chili powder, celery seed, tarragon, thyme, paprika, dill weed, onion powder and rosemary are additional spices that should eventually make their way into your spice rack as your cooking skills develop more.

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