Tips on Writing a Child Actor Resume


Making a resume is not a Herculean task, but at the same time it can increase or decrease the chances of getting a break into the entertainment industry. Ideally the child actor resume should be a one pager draft, which should include a headshot of your child as well.

The first segment should consist of your child’s individual details depending on his age. If he is still an infant then you should reveal simple basic details like height and weight, color of eyes and hair, race etc. Whereas incase if your child holds a prior acting experience, then you can enlighten his talents such as blowing kisses, chuckling, sitting up etc. A toddler’s resume is comparatively simple.

Even if your kid is a little older, nonetheless you must initiate the resume with his basic information like height, weight, etc. Following this you should expose his acting talent, experience, training and other expertise. In case if your child’s resume is less comprehensive, it is advised that you must include almost anything that correlates to the experience segment. All types of school plays, community performances and local fashion shows can be regarded as experience.

In the ‘Training’ section you must mention the name of the acting school, the faculty and the training type, for instance- ‘Acting for Camera’. If your kid has not joined any such classes then it is highly recommended that he must, as even best child actors go for it.

The underside of this resume should contain special skills like- singing, dancing, martial arts etc. Any other out of the ordinary skills that make your child be noticed should be reeled off. Though, if truth should be told, an agent or casting director may sometimes ask your kid to demonstrate these skills. Finally, staple your child’s headshot snap on the resume and it is ready to be presentable.

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