Tips On Hiding The Electrical Cords Lying On The Floor


The ideal scheme of the electrical cords directs the length of the cord to run from the outlet to the concerned apparatus along a defined path. The actual scenario is a lot different from the desired schema. Usually, the electrical cords are left suspended and are not concealed in a safe manner. Often, one end of an electrical cord remains plugged in to the outlet and the other end lies on the floor. Such a laid back attitude may lead to a major electric hazard.

The electrical cords lying on the floor can come in contact with water or moisture. The infant members of the family may touch the naked joints of the cord owing to their curiosity. Besides that, the pets or the rodents may harm the insulation of the cord by chewing it up.

The suspended or hanging electrical cords can be concealed by applying some logic. The cord lying on the floor should be covered in such a way that the children and pets can not access it. Such an arrangement requires you to be creative and apprehensive.

Check the nearby wall area for any baseboard or large-sized covering. Most homeowners hide the electrical cords in a diagonal way. Such a scheme should be prevented and instead, collect the length of the wire along the nearby wall area only. Use an extension cord that would cover the length of cord from the concerned electrical outlet to the wall. Make sure that the cord doesn’t fall short in length while reaching out to the electrical equipment or outlet.

Use a pry bar tool to pry up the baseboard carefully. Slip the length of the cord behind the baseboard area and make sure that the entire length of electrical cord is concealed. Replace the baseboard and move on to the next step.

A temporary alternative is to insert the cord along the edge of the baseboard. The loose and thin cords can be concealed in such a way without getting into the thick of the things.

Bend down to attach the wire leading from the floor to the wall. Use staple pins or nails to serve the required purpose.

Apply enough adhesive to paste a beautiful carpet over the baseboard. Such a setting ends up beautifying the whole schema.

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