Things To Consider Before Buying A Washing Machine


Washing machine has emerged as a basic need now-a-days. Due to this every homeowner is looking forward for a model that can satisfy all his needs. The below mentioned facts about the washing machine would be helpful for you in deciding the machine to be purchased.

First thing to decide is loading type of your machine- front loading or top loading are the two options to choose from. Front Loading Washing Machines can be either free-standing machines or built-in models. They may be either only washers or a combination of washer and dryer.

Out of two options mentioned above, people generally choose top loading machines as they are convenient to use. One more reason is the less amount of space taken by these washing machines.

The dryer of your washing machine needs to be effective so that you can dry out your cloths quickly. There are some models in which you can get different options for drying of different kinds of cloths like heavy, light and normal. The speed of spin can be selected as per the type of cloths. So choose a machine that can provide you with all these options.

You may need to decide on the type of material that is used to make the tubs of your washing machine. Various materials used for making the washing machine tubs are: plastic, porcelain-enamel and stainless steel. Out of three, stainless steel tubs are most expensive and durable. Plastic tubs are also long lasting but porcelain-enamel tubs are not durable as they are likely to get rusted soon.

Size is also an important factor to be decided. You need to decide the place where you will be installing your washing machine and according to that you can have an idea of the size to be taken. Second thing that helps you in deciding is the number of members in your family and how frequently you need to wash your cloths. According to all these factors you can decide the size of your new washing machine.

One good way of saving water and energy is to buy a washing machine having little high capacity and using it one or two times in a week. The washing machine should be loaded fully to well utilize the energy.

Warranty of electronic gadget is very important. In general a washing machine comes with a warranty of one year. During this period you can get free service and replacement of parts in case of any problem. But you may look for a good offer if available.

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