Things To Avoid When Buying Zebra Hide Rugs


Zebra skin rugs are somewhat of a special kind of home accessory,which is the reason to take great care when buying. Here are some things you shouldn’t do:

zebra hide ignorance

There is nothing worse than spending so much money on a hide only to find that you bought the wrong kind or much worse, the illegal kind.

Buying an illegal skin

One thing you definitely don’t want to do is go out and buy a skin that is not legal. In other words, don’t buy a rug that originated from an endangered zebra species.

Not knowing the country of their origin

This is a sure fire way of getting yourself in serious problems. Like I said above, there are both endangered and non endangered zebras; not only that, only two countries in Africa cull the non endangered species. That’s why you need to know from which country and species your rug came from.

Being oblivious to its uses

This may sound silly but it is not. Why would you want to drop your hard earned money on something that you have no clue how it is used or who it is best suited for? Before you take the step in buying one, please find out if it will work for you first.

Lack of implementation knowledge

Avoid simply getting excited at the prospect of having your place decorated with an animal rug. Regular rugs have a different look and feel from these rugs, so be sure you know what you are doing first.

Not knowing the difference between high quality and poor quality hide rugs

Zebra hides are not cheap and they cost serious money. One thing you don’t want to do is spend $1500 or more on a really poor quality skin.

Grading system ignorance

A great way of ensuring that you buy yourself a pelt that you will enjoy over time is to learn the grading system. The knowledge you gain will be very invaluable.

Ruining your real African pelt rug

Zebra hides are way too expensive to be treated like ordinary rugs. That is why if you are going to buy one, know exactly how to take great care of it.

Paying too much money for your real animal skin

When shopping for pelts, you will discover that different merchants charge differenly for their merchandise. With that said, it would be a great idea for you to gain some knowledge on how the pricing system works.

Doing business with the wrong merchant

Not all people were created equal; the same is true with vendors. When you decide to buy a zebra hide, don’t just give your money to anyone. Make sure that the person or company you are buying from is trusted, reputable and doesn’t sell skins from endangered animals.

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