These Disadvantages Of Solar Thermal Energy


It might be wrong to believe that there are only advantages of solar thermal energy because in truth there are some downsides of solar thermal energy that must be accepted and acted on. One obvious downside of solar thermal energy is that many places on the earth don’t get satisfactory quantity of daylight and if they do get daylight then this daylight may not be available continually. There are a few variables that impact on the quantity of sunlight that’s available in a given location including the time and time of year as well as abundant weather conditions.

More Space is needed

A second important disadvantages of solar thermal energy is that due to the fact that the sun does not provide sufficient energy to a given place at a given time there is need to have greater amount of space available in order to collect sufficient amount of energy and at useful rates. In addition, another disadvantage of solar thermal energy is that it is difficult to properly install all the equipment required to obtain and use solar thermal energy.

Furthermore, the costs of installing a solar thermal energy system is often too high making this factor one of the main disadvantages of solar thermal energy. You could argue that the government provides tax incentives that help to reduce the cost. However, the upfront costs are generally not affordable to the common man and these rules out the possibility of them investing huge amounts of money to get a solar thermal energy system installed on their premises.

Reliability may also be considered one of the downsides of solar thermal energy as it is important to have constant power which in turn means having to store excess energy for which you could have to spend more of your hard-earned money to buy accessories which will help store the solar thermal energy and this is something that few people like. It can even persuade them to go for some other kind of energy including wind power.

Lastly, despite numerous advances in solar thermal energy technologies, at present these systems are not able to provide the kind of efficiency that you would normally desire. At best you might only get to obtain sixty percent of available solar thermal energy and so this too is a disadvantage of solar thermal energy.

The best part about solar electricity costs is that there’s zilch to pay in order to hook into the huge and plausibly inexhaustible power source the sun. Similarly , thanks to mass production of solar electricity system parts you can now anticipate getting less expensive solar electricity systems in the years yet to come.

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