The Ultimate Used Tractor Tire Workout


Used tractor tires are normally sought after for farming equipment, but you can actually use them to work out. You can increase your stamina and your overall muscle tone and strength just by doing some exercises with used tractor tires.

The first thing you have to do is locate some used tractor tires. You can normally find them at old garages and tire depots and sometimes they will just give them away as long as you can haul them out. Factor in how much weight you can handle because used tractor tires come in a wide variety of shapes and weights for you to choose from.

Purchasing or acquiring a lifting belt before you begin is highly recommended to help keep your back and legs aligned and safe from any extensive strain. Try wearing tennis shoes or some boots with no slip soles to give yourself a sturdy grip on the ground as well.

The tire flip is the most common exercise associated with used tractor tires. To perform this lay down your tire flat, and then in the right squatting position lift the tire up, and flip it onto its other side. Continue you this motion until you grow tired or reach your finish line. Be sure to stop exercising if you begin to feel strain on your back or lower legs to avoid any kind of injuries.

The sled drag exercise is used in the strongman competitions and it a great way to work out your arms. Tie a rope to the tire, place the rope in both of your hands and pull the tire while you are facing it. The keg toss could also be substituted with a tractor tire as well if you are able. Lift the tire over your hear and proceed to toss it as far as you are capable.

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