The Signs Of Love


Many people think that the stars can supply a lot of knowledge about ourselves, our past and our future. This information can include how, when, and with whom we are most liable to fall in love, although it can go a lot further than that too. This is not to say that astrology is the same as a chart of your destiny, so although the one you love may not be a textbook match for you in astrological terms, it does not mean that you should not start a relationship.

There are a few methods by which you can start to understand the universal forces that draw someone to their partner or anyone else. If you learn to interpret or even master these forces, you will also gain knowledge of how to make any liaison work better and discover yourself at the same time as well.

One of the best ways to start, is to find a horoscope of yourself that appears pretty truthful. In this way you will discover a writer of horoscopes that you can trust. Not everyone is at the same level of development and this goes for horoscope writers too. Some are novices some are experts, most are in the middle and some are charlatans.

Once you have your own pretty accurate horoscope, get one done by the same person for the one you love or would like to get on with better. Try not to read too much into what you think you know until you know that you know it. For example, you might be a Capricorn (a ram), so it might sound logical to be weary of a Leo (a lion) as the two animals are enemies in real life. But learn more; do not leap to conclusions.

You can start to compare the two zodiac signs for complementary and contrasting qualities, likes and dislikes though.You can go into as much depth of detail about the ideal zodiac mate for you as you want. However, be very suspicious of letting the zodiac reading rule your life and decision-making. Do not give up on someone just because their horoscope appears to conflict with yours. Rather, use the information you read about the other person to connect better with them.

There really are quite a lot of very informative books and web sites to help you on your mission to work out the details of your zodiac match. So do some research and have some fun with it. However, be prepared to unearth a few surprises. You will probably find that the author of the book or web site is closer to understanding you by your zodiac sign than you would ever have believed, which means that the author is probably pretty accurate with your partner too.

Once you have been studying the zodiac for a while, you will look at people in a different way and you will be very inquisitive about other peoples’ star signs. You will want to know whether you can deduce a person’s sign of the zodiac and whether you can predict his or her reactions.

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