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Have you noticed? There is a huge buzz around social media these days. At a time when most businesses are struggling, social media is your fastest way to find a ready, willing and able customer – for FREE! Social media has grown up to become a very serious marketing tool for business.

The unwritten rule that draws clients to you like magic has nothing to do with social media at all! The secret is to have a compelling Unique Selling Proposition [USP]. By using multi-million dollar market research ” available to you absolutely FREE – you will be able to craft a USP that literally hypnotizes your client and attracts them to your service or product.

1) A Great USP Draws Clients Like Bees To Honey:

In a down market with only a few prospects, you need every trick in the book to grab the ones that are out there. By speaking directly to your ideal prospect in their language, they will be drawn to your selling proposition. Its like magic!

2) A Great USP Talks Directly To Your Ideal Prospect About THEM:

Its an old clich: the only radio station a prospect listens to is WIIFM – Whats In It For Me. A great USP talks to the prospect in THEIR language about THEIR concerns. This lets the prospect know that you get them; that you speak their language and that they can trust you.

3) A great USP lets the prospect know that you have their solution:

Many times, when a new technology or cutting edge product or service is introduced to the marketplace, it solves a problem the client didnt even know they had! Just imagine when the telephone was introduced. Be innovative and solve a problem. And then give an ironclad guarantee letting them know you are willing to accept the risk. This builds trust while providing certainty.

FedExs USP is one of the most powerful, compelling ones in the marketplace: When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be There Overnight.


How does FedEx enter the conversation that the prospect is already having? The customer asks, How do I get this package where I need it to be tomorrow? FedEx replies: When ithas to be there overnight.

Healing their customers wound:

FedExs customer is afraid of losing a client, a transaction or a business deal if the commitment the client made is not kept. FedExs USP addresses the problem of meeting a critical deadline head on.

FedExs superior service makes the customer look good:

You know youve hit a home run when you not only solve the customers problem but you make them look good in the process. By meeting the customers critical deadline, FedEx makes their customer stand out as someone that is reliable and trustworthy.

Your Guarantee Builds Your Client List:

Hammering home their guarantee right in their USP, when it absolutely, positively HAS to be there, FedEx has built a strong reputation and continues to attract clients.

When it comes to overnight delivery, FedEx is hardly the only service provider, but they most certainly dominate that position in the prospects mind. They have so successfully linked their service solution to their company name that FedEx equals overnight delivery. When you use an overnight service, you FedEx it – even if you use a different service provider! FedEx has successfully become a verb.

Create a compelling USP that talks directly to your ideal prospect and, like FedEx, you will find clients drawn to you like magic!

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