The Safe Way To Thaw Frozen Pipes


A common winter problem is freezing of water pipes. This freezing in pipe causes a lot of problem. It not only stops the water supply of your house but also damage the pipes by exerting pressure on wall of pipes.

A water pipe may freeze even if you take precautions. There could be an electrical power fault in your house for several hours causing fall in temperature inside your house that may further cause freezing of pipes. Sometimes, your heat tape may quit working or you may not discover it until all the faucets stop working.

Whatever the cause may be, it is very important to thaw out your pipe. One most important reason why thawing is important is, you need water to use. If you will not thaw the pipe, you will not get water through your faucets as all the water has changed into ice.

Now we will see some techniques by which the ice in pipes could be melted out. Make sure that you have turned on the water tab before initiating the melting process. It is very essential since the steam formed in heating of water need space to go otherwise it could cause bursting of pipe.

An electric heat tape can also help in melting of ice. But ensure that the tape is certified by a nationally recognized testing laboratory. This tape slowly melts the ice and prevents the pipe from any damage. Be cautious and never wrap a layer of tap over another layer. It could result in overheating and may cause fire.

Putting hot water on pipe continuously after covering the pipe with towel or several layers of cloth can also help in melting of ice. Keep on putting the hot water until the ice gets properly melted.

The ice can also be melted using a hair dryer. Move the dryer over the frozen pipe again and again. The hot air coming out of dryer to the pipe can help in melting the ice. While performing this, stand on a dry ground.

If flow of water starts from your faucet then that shows that ice has melted. Leave the tab on for some time so that the entire pipe gets free from ice. After some time, turn off the faucet and recheck the pipes for any leakage.

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