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What exactly is telepathy? Without getting into the technical information, the easy way to understand it is that your emotions or mental imageries can be transferred from one person or another. However what is special about it is you do it without saying anything, touching, tasting, smelling, or even hearing the other person.

Most people believe this to be a type of communication that is well above every other type. Even scientists and animal trainers have done extensive research and found that animals are able to do this from very far distances. Keep in mind this isn’t some small study, it’s actually to a point where they believe this beyond a shadow of a doubt.

You will also hear about anthropologists who believe that many of the primitive tribes out there today can utilize this power. While it’s not easy to do, they have been able to harness the abilities of telepathy.

What you need to understand is that telepathy isn’t some sort of crazy aberration. Instead, it’s something that we should recognize just as we would when coming across a person with speech issues. While we classify this as a disability, it should be the same scenario for someone who cannot utilize their telepathic power. Unfortunately it’s not, but hopefully in the near future it will be.

So knowing this, we have to believe that most of humanity has simply lost their ability to connect with the telepathy that the mind has an available. It should be as easy as the way to respond to music and your other five senses.

What it comes down to is that telepathy and that “sixth sense” is connected. You may know the term “third eye” to be a more descriptive answer in your area.

Have you ever had a gut feeling come over you? Did it end up happening? Telepathy works in many different forms, and often times we miss it for a simple rush or just negative thinking. The problem is when it happens you find yourself wondering why you didn’t pay attention to your thoughts. Then again, there are positive times like a friend you haven’t heard from in a long time calls you within the same week you thought about them. It’s crazy to think about, but things like this happen all the time, yet we overlook them as mere coincidences, even though a mother/child power is accepted.

While there is no real answer as to why humans lost touch with telepathic powers, but it’s usually because we just stopped believing. Then of course there are many religions out there that don’t believe this is a transcendent power from God. Instead religions like Christianity and Islam believe this to be a Satanic tool that has possessed the person with demonic powers.

If you or someone you know are set in their religious ways, you’ve probably been told not to put any sort of faith in telepathy. This is so you reflect this power to only be utilized by the Messiah, Savior, Prophet, or any other name you use for the almighty.

Knowing this, you have to wonder why they are so distrustful when it comes to telepathy. In our own opinion it has to do with the power struggle between religious leaders. Why would they want someone else challenging them if they knew about telepathy? Granted not every leader is like this, but the majority has been throughout history.

Everyone deals with different religions, but if they’re not pushing down telepathy, scientists who are narrow minded are the next in line. They believe that telepathy cannot be numerically measured to get enough serious consideration. They also exclaim that it can’t be tasted, or even touched. Keep in mind there are several scientists who believe in the telepathy powers, but they are few and far between.

Instead you will find that we classify telepathic experiences as connections and instincts. We believe this is true only because those scientists, who try to bring the negative side to it, can’t experience it themselves. However, they’re always quick to acknowledge a strange or gut feeling as an instinct. While this wouldn’t normally be a big deal, it’s hard to understand considering these traits are just as elusive as telepathy.

Some believe it could be that the scientists who oppose telepathy are simply jealous. After all, it doesn’t seem fair that someone could do something like this, which is why they don’t want anyone else to have them. So instead of branding something different, it is always considered an instinctive response.

We many never find out the true reason why humanity lost touch, but it could date back as far as the story around the Tower of Babylon. Seeing how this was the time when languages were to confuse people, it’s possible that the language of telepathy disappeared.

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