The New Jingle Heart Pendant\Necklace


Jingle Hearts are beautiful jewellery pieces which come with an assortment of styles. They additionally come with a message of love. The heart incorporates a bell which jingles to remind the person of the love of the one who gave it to them. The corporation represents its message of love by generously giving out their products, caring because of the testimonies of their wearers, and raising funds to support causes close to their own hearts.

The creators of the Jingle Heart make use of a program for individuals to write in with the stories of a special loved one. Every week, they choose a story and send a piece of jewelry to somebody who needs the reminder they are loved. They also really encourage the recipients of a Jingle Heart to create a note and let them know what the gift has meant in their lives. Story after story of the way the jingled reminder that they’re valued has been very useful for many people through great loss, agony, and turmoil help make purchasers aware that they’re purchasing much more than an article of pretty jewelry. Currently, they are making a Jingle Heart whose profits go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the fight against breast cancers. Besides the heart and bell, it features 3 rings that represent faith, hope, and love.

Let the Elegant Jingle Heart Jingle Someone’s Heart

The Jingle Heart is a great keepsake for anybody from whom you feel far off. Any time the bell jingles, they will know that you adore them, even when they don’t get to see you often. Also, it is a beautiful gift to give to children or grand kids; it’s going to remain a physical love letter even after you might be no longer with each other. It’s a heritage of love which really can be passed on from one generation to another.

Each Jingle Heart includes a poem informing the person receiving the sentiment that is behind it and describing its function. The poetry is what makes this item much more than jewelry; however the Jingle Heart is a great surprise even when it’s bought mainly for its physical beauty. The poem reads:

“I’ve loved you for a long, long time I know you love me too.

I’m giving you this special gift to keep me close to you.

No matter where life leads us Whether near or far apart,

Remember that I love you With every jingle of your heart!”

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