The Main Ingredients For The Spike Seasoning


Spike seasoning is delicious for your food what’s more it may be bought from any superstore commonly speaking. It comes in boxes that weigh approximately seven ounces in addition one box is around five dollars each. If you are intent in what flavors it carries the primary ones are garlic, lemon pepper additionally hot additionally spicy. Besides, if you are into healthy eating without salt there is a salt free version of spike seasoning so you can still savor the delicious taste that it promises. It does wonders when you add it to cottage cheese besides egg muffins that people like so much at breakfast time. It is similarly recommended for the turkey meatloaf, for stir frying shrimp for preparing chickpeas additionally beef.

The main ingredients for the spike seasoning include hydrolyzed protein from vegetables, distinct powders (like onion, orange, celery leaf besides celery root, garlic, mushroom, parsley, spinach, tomato, etc), toasted onion, soy flour, dill, curry, white pepper, green what’s more red peppers, tarragon, saffron, rosehips, sweet paprika, oregano, basil, marjoram, rosemary furthermore thyme – quite a list. If you read the label with the ingredients it can all become quite impressive moreover the many flavors that spike seasoning combines does seem to promise a delicious meal. Moreover, the label says that this mixture of herbs in addition spices contains no added MSG, monosodium glutamate commonly added to foods additionally considered to be harmful by opponents of MSG on the grounds that whatever is not natural is unhealthy for the human body.

Spike seasoning was produced by Helmut Eugen Benjamin Gellert Hauser moreover it is widely appreciated on the American continent due to its many ingredients furthermore consequently flavors. Hauser was a naturopath who originated from Germany besides individuals tell that he used to be friends with Greta Garbo. He spent the first years of his life in Germany in addition when a teenager he came to the United States where he settled. Apparently he became ill with tuberculosis what’s more he had to travel to Sweden in repair to get treatment for his illness. There he met a monk who applied him a treatment based on herbs what’s more diets moreover he eventually recovered successfully. After this experience he decided to begin studying foods and he became more plus more engrossed in food science. In 1950 he published a book entitled “Look Younger, dwell Longer” and his mixture renowned as Spike seasoning started to be manufactured in Wisconsin. Spike seasoning has been produced and known in the United States for more than fifty years presently besides it is produced by Modern Products Inc.



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