The Kitchen-the heart of the home


There are few that would say the enjoy cleaning their kitchen. It is one of the most frequently done tasks in the home, and it always somehow feels like it’s never really done. A clean kitchen makes for a clean home, but then a dirty kitchen makes the rest of the homes feel dirty. So unfair!

Kitchen bins are the worse. Just when you’ve cleaned the kitchen, you realize it still feels grotty, because the bin has not been taken out, or is overflowing in something unsightly. Even worse is when you go to open a drawer and you realize the handle is encrusted with someone unrecognizable. Its seems no matter how large or small our kitchens are, they can still manage to fall into disarray after only a few days of less than perfect attention.

No matter how much storage space we manage to create, it gets filled with accessories. Then there is the challenge of wiping down the handles and surfaces constantly or else they get encrusted faster than anything.

At the same time, you do want a kitchen that you can actually cook in. There is no point to having a kitchen full of appliances and accessories that you never cook in because the worktops are a nightmare to keep clean. Kitchens are probably the bane of every housewife’s life. They are highly functional and require the most upkeep of any room in the house. Just as soon as one meal is finished it seems preparations for the next are underway, and then there is the washing up and putting everything away, only to start over again.

Why don’t our kitchens look like the ones in the advertisements? The fridges with only a few select gourmet treats and a chilled bottle of wine? The ovens that are always in a state of perfection, and never actually used to cook, only to heat up gourmet treats. I think coming to terms with the functionality of a kitchen and doing your best to stay on top of the mess is the best you can do! In the mean time, enjoy the food, and put the kettle on!

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